VPN Verge Unveils VPN services That Don't Keep Logs

February 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida - February 11th, 2013 - Silent Lake Publishing (SLP) today announces the availability of VPN Verge, an online magazine dedicated to providing VPN news, unbiased VPN reviews, and easy to understand VPN guides. The team at VPN Verge strives to help consumers navigate the complicated VPN landscape to select the service that fits their needs and budget.

More and more people are using Virtual Private Networks to secure their Internet connection and to protect their privacy and anonymity. Unfortunately most VPN websites focus solely on the security of VPN technology hardly mentioning anything about privacy or anonymity. The team behind VPN Verge believes that online privacy and anonymity are every Internet user's right and should be a serious consideration when evaluating any VPN service.

"We started out just looking for a VPN service we could use to keep our Internet connections safe when traveling. We quickly realized this was more difficult than we had anticipated and what we learned while researching the topic for our own purposes needed to be shared. That's how VPN Verge came into being." says Andre Heinemann, CEO of Silent Lake Publishing Inc.

VPN Verge sifts through hundreds of VPN service providers before selecting a service for testing and evaluation. The team then tests a VPN under real-life conditions by using the service in the office, at home and on the road. Recently VPN Verge performed extensive research of VPN providers' logging policies and published a list of providers that don't keep logs; some well-known names, such as HideMyAss, a popular UK-based VPN service, didn't make the list.

"Every VPN service we consider writing about undergoes thorough, hands-on testing until we feel the results are accurate. Unlike other VPN review sites we do extensive research on a VPN provider's logging practices, privacy policies and we actually read their Terms and Conditions. If we don't feel comfortable recommending a service to friends and family we won't recommend it on our site." says Mr. Heinemann.

Founded in 2012 VPN Verge's mission is to enable Internet users to securely and anonymously use the Internet through the use of Virtual Private Network technology. VPN Verge is a free online magazine published by Silent Lake Publishing, Inc. a privately held company located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.