Yummy Dough – The Sweet-to-Eat Fun Dough – Is the Taste of Toy Fair

February 10, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
German Inventor Gives Toy Fair 2013 A Taste of the World's Only Safe, Edible Modeling Dough

New York, NY — Yummy Dough, the world's only edible, safe modeling dough, launches in North America at Toy Fair 2013. (#TFNY #TF13) German parent inventor, Stefan Kaczmarek, will showcase his unique "sweet to eat" fun dough loved the world over by kids and parents alike (Booth #1966).

Yummy Dough is a crafting and baking activity for kids of all ages. Each bucket of Yummy Dough contains four just-add-water dry mix packets, each a different color red, yellow, blue and green. Once kneaded, the mix transforms into brilliantly colored dough that works exactly like traditional craft or modeling dough, except that Yummy Dough is safe for kids of all ages to eat raw or baked. An award-winning toy that fosters kids' creativity and imagination, Yummy Dough's smooth, shapeable qualities makes it easy for kids to manipulate and transform into delightful creations that can be baked and eaten.

Dad Inventor Shares His Passion for Child Safety
Yummy Dough inventor Stefan Kaczmarek is excited to share his passion for creating this safe, edible modeling dough and have it enjoyed by North American audiences. Stefan will be available for interviews at Toy Fair booth 1966 February 10 11, 2013.

Inspired by their daughters, Stefan and his wife Andrea sought to create a safe and edible product after learning that the ingredients in conventional modeling dough includes conserving agents, fragrances, emulsifiers, lubricants, binders, hardeners, moisturizers, and more.

Kids and "kids-at-heart" are currently enjoying Yummy Dough in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Asia. It has won numerous awards including the 2010 Grand prix de la Presse in France, 2010 Toy of the Year in Australia, and 2011 Hobby Award in Japan.

About Smarty Parents
Smarty Parents is the North American distributor of Yummy Dough, edible modeling dough from Germany. Smarty Parents is also the manufacturer and distributor of the award-winning Kiddy Platter placemat and craftmat. With today's high-tech gadgets and hurried lifestyles, Smarty Parents' mission is to make meal time matter and craft time count. Child development research reveals that kids who share a family meal together on a regular and reliable basis are healthier, happier and better students. Smarty Parents is located in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit either www.KiddyPlatter.com, www.YummyDough.com, email clever@smartyparents.com or call (503) 954-3989.