The Steve Trautman Co. Warns Baby Boomer Retirements May Disrupt Many Workplaces

February 13, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SEATTLE, Washington January 13, 2013 Each day, more than 10,000 baby boomers reach the age of 65. While many workers are continuing to be a part of the workforce after retirement, The Steve Trautman Co. notes that even the most dedicated 65-year-old will eventually decide to retire, especially if that worker's health begins to fail.

The baby boomer generation has been a driving force in our nation's workforce for half a century. Some of these workers have spent decades learning the ins and outs of a business, becoming the backbone of daily operations. Many business owners know these workers will eventually retire, but The Steve Trautman Co. has found that these same business owners do not have policies in place to begin preparing for their eventual exit.

The Steve Trautman Co.'s Knowledge Transfer process works to track and help replicate the years of information accumulated over a worker's career. Using a variety of tools, The Steve Trautman Co. assesses a business's need for knowledge transfer and sets up a Knowledge Silo Matrix to ensure others have awareness of how each function within an organization works and how the transfer of knowledge should be prioritized.

Retiring baby boomers are only one of many reasons businesses are now seeking The Steve Trautman Co.'s knowledge transfer services. Industries with high turnover and high-stakes businesses like technology and engineering often seek the tools like those created by The Steve Trautman Co. Other reasons include preparing to onboard new employees, corporate reorganizations or strategy shifts, and seeking better consistency within divisions or global partners.

"2013 to be a year of massive baby boomer retirements," Steve Trautman, founder and president of The Steve Trautman Co., says. "Are businesses ready for their proprietary knowledge to walk out the door?"

The Steve Trautman Co. has helped Fortune 500 companies assess risk and share knowledge for the past twenty years. Businesses have come to realize the importance of risk management plans, which identify any potential risk and clearly outline steps required to prevent them. But The Steve Trautman Co. has found that even with this level of preparedness, many businesses find themselves in the risky situation of having too much corporate "secret sauce" concentrated within one employee.

With its knowledge transfer solution, The Steve Trautman Co. stresses the importance of communication, both from management to employees and from employees to management. Business owners must be clear on what is expected of employees and, at the same time, support the process so that workers can transfer knowledge while continuing their normal job operations. The Steve Trautman Co.'s knowledge transfer process accomplishes this without requiring owners to micromanage, keeping morale high while organizations replicate the information they need.

Businesses can take an assessment, learn more about The Steve Trautman Co.'s offerings, and sign up to be contacted by visiting the company's website here: For more information, contact Sonja Gustafson at 206.547.1775.

The Steve Trautman Co. are experts in knowledge transfer. The company provides business executives with the simplest, most relevant, and quick solutions for knowledge transfer and workforce risk management. For nearly two decades their proven tools have helped Fortune 500s and 1000s-in industries such as high tech, manufacturing, finance, energy, and communications-assess risk, internally share knowledge, and reduce the loss of talent and experience.