Helps to Improve Dental Safety

February 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dental practitioners facing the ongoing challenge of keeping the compressed air they use during patient treatment as dry as possible are turning to Colorado-based to provide the air dryers, filters and related products they need to ensure the health and safety of their patients.

Why Is Dry Dental Air So Important?

Dry air can prevent the premature demise of pneumatically operated dental instruments and other equipment by reducing the harmful effects of oxidation over time. More importantly, dry air eliminates the dampness that can promote the growth of bacteria that could ultimately lead to a serious, even potentially life-threatening infection.

What Is Compressed Air?

Compressed air is air that is kept under a pressure greater than that of normal atmospheric pressure, usually 40 to 150 PSIG. In dental applications, compressed air is necessary for powering suction equipment as well as devices used to perform oral surgery. A specialized air compressor unit that is specifically designed for use in the dental industry is typically necessary to ensure compliance with applicable health and safety standards. These units are subject to health department inspection to confirm their safety for patient use. The American Dental Association's Specification No. 94 also details the high standards that dental compressed air quality must meet.

What Does an Air Dryer Do?

Compressed air contains a high moisture content that must be removed to ensure safe patient treatment. Dental air compressors require the use of an air dryer to remove the moisture and keep dental equipment as dry as possible. An air dryer works by lowering the pressure dew point of the compressed air, which prevents the condensation of moisture. The air dryer is usually combined with a filter that traps microorganisms and contaminants before they can be transmitted into the patient's mouth during a dental procedure.

Compressed air dryers come in a variety of types and sizes, so it is important to choose one that is appropriate for the compressor being used. Moisture indicators are also available that display a change in color when the moisture levels begin to rise.

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