Articles Lost in Shuffle

November 22, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Authors now have a way to submit their articles to a specific directory that is based upon the niche of their target audience. This allows them to draw more highly targeted traffic from the people that seek exactly what the author has written about. For example, if an business owner sells products or services that relate to weddings, he or she would have much more success in submitting articles about brides to a site that is all about bridal content than he or she would submitting to a general directory that has articles about cars, pets, marketing, and more. This allows the business owner to get his or her information in front of the actual audience that is suited to his or her business. allows a business owner to drill down into those tiny niches to reach exactly the type of visitors that the business owner needs. By breaking down into niche categories, business owners can become more productive and efficient in their marketing process. came about when owners could not find places to promote their specialties without getting lost among several unrelated posts, which had nothing to do with their specific niches. Through research and collaboration, they teamed up to make it easier both for themselves and others by developing