Unite America Offers Space-Saving Storage Lifts

February 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Cleburne, TX - UniteAmerica, a subsidiary of UniteWorldwide, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive service equipment in the world, is pleased to unveil its selection of space-saving storage lifts. These innovative vehicle lifts make it easy to stack cars in a warehouse or auto shop, for maximum space and quick access.

When automotive service equipment customers are looking for a car lift for sale, they need something that is reliable, affordable and efficient. Unite America has a variety of excellent vehicle lifts, from the motorcycle lift, to the two post lift, to the storage lift, which allows for the most possible space in a customer's existing setup. Unite America provides innovative and cost effective solutions for all kinds of customers, including multi-brand car dealerships, repair centers and individuals.

According to a spokesperson, "It is our quest to lead the industry, while enhancing the user experience." Unite America succeeds at this with more equipment than just vehicle lifts. They are especially known for their tire changers and wheel balancers, and they also sell air compressors, underhoist stands, wheel weights, transmission jacks, and many more. Whatever critical automotive equipment a customer needs to run their automotive business or service their vehicles, Unite America is at the forefront of the industry providing the best products and service available.

About Unite America
For over ten years, UniteAmerica has sold quality automotive products and delivered unparalleled service. Even the name "Unite" is indicative of their overriding mission to help people across the globe attain success through cooperative means. The parent company has over 900 employees and more than 700,000 square feet of manufacturing space, worldwide, and they always strive to offer the finest automotive equipment at the lowest possible price. For additional information please visit, www.unite-america.com.