New WPI Communications, Inc. eNewsletter Puts Dentists in Touch with Patients Year-round

February 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Springfield, NJ-WPI Communications, Inc., a newsletter marketing firm that helps dentists, physicians and other professionals to maximize revenue through increased patient contact and referrals, has just released a new dental newsletter marketing product. The monthly eNewsletter, titled Dental Bites, is a full-service, turn-key marketing system that keeps dentists in regular contact with their patients.

With the Dental Bites newsletter marketing program, professionals at WPI Communications do all the work-from preparing the content and designing each issue of the newsletter to sending it at the beginning of every month. To get started with Dental Bites, dentists need only provide a list of e-mail addresses. WPI takes it from there.

An experienced team writes, meticulously fact-checks and designs a fully customizable eNewsletter for dentists. Each article reminds patients of the importance of regular dental care. WPI Communications' extensive experience with dental practices finds that well-educated patients are more likely to maintain their dental health and recommend their dentist to friends and colleagues.

"The more you engage and educate your patients, the more loyal they will be to your dental practice," said Steven Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications. "This will reduce attrition, decrease appointment cancellations and even encourage them to refer their friends to your dental practice. Through an effective e-mail newsletter program like Dental Bites, case acceptance and practice revenue can only improve. This is an ideal way for dentists to build their practices."

While WPI Communications prepares and sends the eNewsletter, dental practices are free to customize it with their own colors and fonts, and even change the name of the newsletter. They may also include special announcements about their practice.

Dentists who send this dental eNewsletter will have access to quarterly tracking reports detailing how many recipients opened each issue of the eNewsletter. WPI will also provide dentists with a list of bounced e-mail addresses so that dental practices can update their records.

Dental marketing research has found that a growing number of professionals use newsletter marketing to build their practices. This is clear from such research as the Dental Marketing Barometer Survey, conducted by WPI Communications at the beginning of every year, and studies of other types of practices.

WPI Communications has worked with dentists for more than two decades. The newsletter marketing company also offers referral-generating newsletters for dental specialists in the United States and internationally.

Dental Bites is offered on a geographically exclusive basis, meaning that only one dental practice in a given area will be licensed to send the eNewsletter. Dental Bites is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Dentists interested in marketing their practices with this newsletter marketing tool should call Sari Klinghoffer at 973-544-0410 or e-mail her at

WPI Communications, Inc., helps professionals market their practices through editorially based programs that position the practice as being knowledgeable, well trained and willing to communicate their expertise. WPI has been providing newsletter marketing services to professionals since 1952. For more information about WPI Communications or a free copy of "Everything You Wanted to Know About Newsletter Marketing for Your Dental Practice," please call 800-323-4995, e-mail or visit