Agarwood Consulting Announces Availability of Rare "Diamond Wood"

February 22, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 22, 2013 -Agarwood Consulting, a leader in the Agarwood industry, has announced the availability of the incredibly rare Qi Nan collection of Agarwood. Qi Nan is the highest grade of Agarwood available, and the collection, features "Diamond Wood," which is the masterpiece, according to Alan Mahaffey, founder of Agarwood Consulting.

Only eight pieces of the priceless Qi Nan collection are available in the world, and the highly sought after "Diamond Wood" is 16 kilograms in weight, and one meter high. The extremely rare piece of Agarwood is over 600 years old, and is for sale 20,000,000 USD. The "Diamond Wood" was located after a five year search for this type of wood, by Mahaffey.

"We're very excited to announce the availability of this "Diamond Wood," said Mahaffey. "It's taken me many years to find this particular piece of wood, and the entire Qi Nan collection being offered by our supplier is one of the most exceptional collections that can be found of Agarwood anywhere in the world. I have personally used my expertise in the field as a consultant to locate and evaluate this exquisite collection."

Agarwood, also known as Oud, is an extremely precious and rare type of wood, found in large evergreen trees that are native to Southeast Asia. The wood is incredibly expensive because of its depletion as a natural resource. Countries that typically consume the most Agarwood include Gulf countries, Japan and China.

Agarwood Consulting was established by Mahaffey, three years ago while he was living in Thailand, to provide a network for buyers and sellers of Agarwood. Mahaffey is the only French expert in the Agarwood field. He was introduced to this "world" 23 years ago while his familly was working for HM King of Saudi Arabia. He began his business of consultancy work as a way to help buyers and sellers establish between real, high-quality Qi Nan and Sinking Agarwood, and the imitation products that are often sold as authentic Agarwood.

"I take my work as a consultant very seriously, I like to consider myself to be treasure hunter" said Mahaffey. "Because Agarwood is such a rarity, there are so many imitations on the market, and I strive to provide people with the information and resources to avoid purchasing these fake products."

About the Company
Agarwood Consulting was founded by Alan Mahaffey, who spent the past four years in Asia, building his business and Agarwood network. The goal of Agarwood Consulting is to provide a network for buyers and sellers of the incredibly rare wood, originating in Southeast Asia.

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