Jeffrey Hogue Shares the Secret to Pricing a Berks County Home

February 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Berks County, PA - Popular realtor Jeffrey Hogue wants to let clients know exactly how he goes above and beyond when it comes to pricing homes for sale in Berks County PA. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration that are not obvious to all.

Because pricing a home is often the most crucial factor when it comes to real estate sales, it also one agents are most criticized for. Although the aspects of a fluctuating market can make this situation even more difficult, realtors like Jeffrey Hogue use a very precise process to make sure Berks County homes for sale are priced accurately and honestly. He starts this process by researching similar homes in the area that have sold or that will be sold. This research is done through the internet, multi-list, public records, real estate listings, and a few other sources. He carries out this market analysis for up to 6 months of data, any more than this and the prices would not reflect the current state of the market. He then takes into consideration the actual value consideration of the home through a cost analysis. For this, he must take into account square footage and how that area is categorized, the land value, architectural enhancements, other desirable amenities, and of course, the home's age, which affects depreciation.

In today's internet market, the digital footprint of a home must also be considered. In other words, how easy will it be for potential buyers to find the home should they search online? There are some characteristics that can make this more difficult, and the internet is where most of the buying audience is looking. Finally, the most difficult part of pricing a home is the intrinsic value. Of course, the home owners always believe it to be worth much more because they are emotionally tied to it, but Hogue must consider the feelings buyers will have when they see it online and when they visit in person.

For people looking for honestly priced Berks Bounty real estate, they should check the Jeffrey Hogue Realtor website. There, buyers can find interactive features that make the home buying process easy and more valuable real estate information through their blog.

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