SEO in China will never be the same as Google’s James Mi, Adverted’s Stephen Noton and IBM’s Bill Hunt teamed up at Ad-Tech Shanghai

November 22, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SHANGHIA, CHINA — Those people who were fortunate enough to attend Ad-Tech Shanghai all agreed that the presentations by Google’s Senior Product Manager James Mi, Adverted’s Senior SEO Consultant Stephen Noton and IBM’s SEO Advisor Bill Hunt were insightful, dynamic and instructive.

The session was considered one of the highlighted sessions at Ad-Tech Shanghai and was rated by many as being one of the more useful sessions at the event. Hank Horkoff from said “It was nice to actually get useful information rather then just having to sit though a boring sales pitch.” Added to this the praise is the fact that part of the marketing team from MSN was so impressed by Noton’s speech that they have requested his presentation to use it internally at MSN.

The session was moderated by Mike Grehan and it marks his 32nd event this year that he’s spoken at. Making him one of most well known speakers in regards to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Having Mike Grehan lead this elite group of individuals made this session the who’s who of the industry and something that those who attended will never forget.

The session started off with Mike Grehan introducing the speakers and, as he often does, giving a lighter side of himself by thanking the wonderful people in Shanghai for being so kind as to always offer him Rolex watches and massages wherever he went. Brummell had the audience laughing in not time before he handed the floor over to Mi, the Senior Product Manager at Google.

Mi provided a quick overview on Google’s workings in regard to how it crawls and indexes web pages with some focus on the Google PageRank system. He then highlighted the Google webmaster section which ties really nicely with simultaneous official launch of the new features at Google SiteMaps which allows you a peek behind the scenes at Google in how they understand, rank and access your web pages.

The next speaker was Noton who is the Senior SEO Consultant for Adverted. His speech was on an overview of Search Engine Optimization. His presentation went into things like until 2000 SEO was the only way to get a website found at Google and that 76% of all the Google users use the SEO results. “Many people don’t understand the value behind proper SEO as SEM has become so easy to accomplish many simply don’t care that they are losing 76% of their business to someone else” said Noton in post commentary. He also discussed how SEO is geo-targeted and how companies like Yahoo! and MSN are making search more relevant by giving geo-targeted search results to many of its international users.

The finial speaker, Hunt, might just be the most experienced SEO person on this panel because unlike Noton (who headed to Asia to work with more startups and the upcoming corporate elite) is based in the US and works with the current corporate elite including being the man behind IBM’s Search Engine Optimization success. Hunt’s talk involved him showing some of the work he’s done with IBM, which really complimented the other speakers. Hunt showed how changing text in images into pure text and how proper navigation and title tags can make a clients site like IBM grow from being in the top 100 to being #1 within 3 short weeks.

Sadly this talk had to come to an end but there were many off stage talks including one with eBay who is looking for professionals to aid in its expansion into China. eBay states that they need to tie in with China SEO experts like Noton and hopefully try to whew experts like Hunt to relocate into China, “I can’t do this alone, China needs more SEO professionals,” said Noton.

For those interested in the materials presented at Ad-Tech Shanghai but were unable to attend the conference, Stephen Noton and Bill Hunt are always available for personal meetings. Additionally, Ad-Tech will be coming back to Shanghai, China, next year.

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