Drug Rehab with Live Concerts Sounds Good to Me: Young Adults Make Music for Recovery

February 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
There's nothing more exhilarating than a concert performance-the lights, feeling the audience's energy, mixed adrenaline and fear. Standing in front of a crowd, expressing and sharing creativity can be the most frightening yet rewarding experience of a young musician's life-especially if they are performing clean and sober for the first time.

This is what students at Sober College experience while performing at its Talent Shows. Looking for ways to turn sobriety into sober fun, while also pushing students outside their comfort zone is what these music nights are about. Sarah Frank, Sober College's Art Director says, "These shows have a tremendous impact on our student body. For some of our residents this is an opportunity to have original compositions played by a full band while for others this may be their first time on a stage."

Not only do these Talent Shows provide students with an opportunity to express themselves, it also helps them work through their recovery in a creative way. Jeff Wilken, Music Director at Sober College, says "There's no question that drugs are an effective way to remove inhibitions… By observing our inhibitions in a sober environment…we can identify our discomforts…and work through them in healthy, constructive ways." Sober College recognizes this which is why each Talent Show is meaningful and more powerful than your average open mic night. It showcases students who are discovering who they are in a safe and sober environment.

Because Sober College seeks to redefine rehab, its Talent Shows allows students to have fun and get crazy without the use of drugs which is "something you don't get to experience…in a typical rehab setting," says Wilken. This approach to recovery is yet another example of Sober College's innovation in treatment. It also demonstrates the importance of Art Therapy and its ability to "attain greater self-understanding," says Frank. "The experience of creating goes beyond being just reparative and preventative. It grants us access to higher planes of feeling and thinking, instilling hope and inspiration."

Sober College Talent Shows are an effective way for students to engage, collaborate and enjoy sobriety in a creative environment. They are a time for the community to gather and recognize the tremendous amount of growth in each student, as they strive to build a life in recovery.