LSW Technologies Announces Airline Satisfaction Continues to Decline

February 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LONDON, England February 24, 2013 Customer satisfaction with airlines continues to decline , despite airlines' attempts to win customers back. LSW Technologies, creator of FlyNRate, cites the study by J.D. Power and Associates, which rated customer satisfaction at 681 on an index scale of 1,000. This number is down slightly from 2011, when traveler satisfaction rated at 683.

LSW Technologies cites ticket prices and fees as two of the biggest factors in customer dissatisfaction. As airlines have enacted fees on everything from checked baggage to in-flight snacks, passengers have expressed increasing levels of dissatisfaction with airlines, LSW Technologies have found. This has left customers clamoring for an airline that places customer satisfaction first.

LSW Technologies created FlyNRate, an app that allows passengers to rate travel experiences in an effort to help others. FlyNRate has a ratings system that lets passengers evaluate airlines and airports on a variety of factors, including security checkpoints, in-flight service, and more.

One of the biggest challenges airlines face today is meeting customer expectations of low prices and good service while still affordably operating an airline. This can be challenging at times and, if the J.D. Power and Associates study is any indication, it is not being met effectively. As airlines have made decisions about increasing fees and decreasing services, customer dissatisfaction seems to have dropped slightly, according to the study.

Interestingly, FlyNRate points out that the airlines that don't charge fees for items like checked baggage have some of the highest satisfaction rates. However, in overall ticket price, J.D. Power and Associates found that the airlines with the best service seemed to perform better overall than the airlines with the lowest prices.

Apps like FlyNRate can help airlines determine ways to improve customer service without sacrificing their budgets. As they enact fees and increase ticket prices, it's important to offer customers the services they demand. By reviewing ratings posted by FlyNRate users, it's easy to get an overall impression of the services passengers seek.

Mobile had an increasing presence in the study, interestingly. LSW Technologies points out, with passengers reporting the ability to check-in through mobile devices as important to their flight experience. FlyNRate allows passengers the ability to track flights, determine flight times and delays, and share experiences on social media, further automating a passenger's experience.

LSW Technologies was founded by three business partners who were frequent flyers. They longed for the ability to resolve the frustrations they experienced while traveling. With FlyNRate, passengers can not only share their experiences with other FlyNRate users, but they can send those experiences to their social media pages.

Over time, passengers will learn to check FlyNRate before booking a flight. Through scrolling through the various reviews posted, passengers can get an idea for which airlines have the best customer service, least flight delays, and most competitive prices from any device. Passengers can rate flights as soon as they land, sharing information in real time to help others make flying decisions.

FlyNRate is available for download in the app store. For more information, visit the FlyNRate site at