Dr. Guida Release New Video Series Featuring Patients Rhinoplasty Journeys

February 25, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Dr. Robert Guida is proud to release a series of videos that tell different stories of actual patients and why they decided to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Ranging from treatment from a bad doctor to high school bullying, each story gives a different perspective that is both unique and compelling.

"My hope is that these videos will speak to someone who is hesitant about surgery," says Dr. Guida, "Seeing these patients after surgery, and how their lives have changed for the better, can ideally help someone else."

One video features 21 year old Samantha, whom after years being bullied, and not being able to breath, finally resorted to surgery to correct her nose both cosmetically and functionally. "Growing up in school was really tough. It hurt me. Everyday someone would bully me," says Samantha, who had a hard time from early on in her childhood all the way into college. On top of having problems with her nose aesthetically Samantha also suffered physically. "I had a double deviated septum and could not breath from both sides," says Samantha. In the video, which is after surgery, Samantha refers to Dr. Guida as her personal "Clark Kent," as his work truly saved her life for the better. Samantha reflects on her journey and how she feels afterwards by commenting, "This is the way I was supposed to look, I feel like it brought out the real me."

The main theme from all the videos is that the patients finally feel like they are there best selves, or whom they were meant to be, following surgery. Changing their noses has drastic impacts on their daily lives, in which Dr. Guida is honored to play such an integral part as their surgeon. "At the end of the day what really keep me going is to see happy patients following surgery," says Dr. Guida.

All the videos featured in the series are both featured on Dr. Guida's website and on our YouTube channel. Patients can also keep updated on additional videos by follow Dr. Guida on Facebook or Twitter.