Trade Show Emporium's Mobile Site Goes Live

February 25, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In a world of smart phones, tablets, apps and iMessage… it is more important now than ever to have a well working mobile site. Most people do business from their mobile phones and are used to results being instant and in working order. Trade Show Emporium has made tremendous steps toward perfecting their online presence-that includes their mobile site.

According to a study conducted by Forbes Magazine, an overwhelming majority of mobile smartphone users are more likely to stay on your site and buy your product if you have a mobile-friendly site. People are more likely to re-visit your site on their mobile device if it is in a mobile-friendly format including: big font, easy touch buttons as well as access to the site's entirety.

Business owners, employees and clients alike rely heavily on mobile email, apps and sites to engage in business and to keep up with the social media buzz. Rarely do people "update" or "post" something while sitting at their desk. It's usually done on the go. In the trade show industry, this is true as well.
A huge trend at trade shows is to include tablets or iPads for a more interactive experience at an exhibit. So while on the trade show floor, people are updating statuses on Facebook and Tweeting hashtags on Twitter-all done via mobile device. What else are people doing at trade show events on their smart phones? They are searching the web. Patrons at trade shows are constantly interacting with the exhibits themselves and the companies via the web. Trade Show Emporium, provider of all things trade show exhibit, wanted in on the mobile web action. So, Trade Show Emporium's user-friendly mobile site helps people on the go visit the website and get what they need instantaneously, even while at a trade show.

Visitors to Trade Show Emporium's mobile site can access and browse everything that is on the company's full site by navigating through a simple, easy to read drop-down menu. Trade Show Emporium's blog, products, services and phone number are all accessed easily. The mobile site also allows user to access and use the chat feature, where customers can live chat with a sales representative. Users may also use the search tool on the site to see project dimensions and ideas. If a customer needs to call, the number on the mobile site is set up to be "click to call," meaning a user simply clicks the number on the screen and their phone automatically connects the customer. Trade Show Emporium's mobile site allows customers on the go to access everything the regular site has to offer-all in the palm of their hand.

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