The Cooler Way to Help This Summer

February 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Most Americans recognize that all those pink little ribbons you see everywhere represent breast cancer awareness. Many have not yet even heard of the Autism awareness month "Light It Up Blue" campaign that occurs each April 2nd. One entrepreneurial group is trying to change this since autism is such a pervasive and growing issue in our society.

The inventors of the ICE Block Cooler™, designed their product to "Light It Up Blue" in honor of their six year old son's journey towards beating autism. For years the high financial and emotional cost of treating autism held them back, until one day they were backed into a corner and the high cost enabled them to embrace a risk to improve their lives and hopefully the lives of others suffering through this condition.

The ICE Block Cooler™ team is hoping that the cool and trendy crowd will embrace their party product and help bring it to life. The ICE Block Cooler™ is a cooler design that fits in your freezer or fridge and features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on. It is filled with a thermal freezing gel that is sealed into the body of the cooler. Place any common beverage into the cool cooler and it will lightly grip the container and keep cold in.

Their goal was to design a profitable product that could help carry this message to the masses. In order to do this they needed to create a product that would both light it blue and that people would actually want to own. The inventors said "Once we stumbled upon the combination of a clear plastic cooler and blue LED lights, we knew we had the perfect product for our cause." They hope that this product will become this summer's trendy product and work its way into many American households. Then with a bit of luck at some later date the purchaser will either look at the bottom of their ICE Block Cooler™ and see the autism logo imprint, or view an article about why the product was created and realize that they too can be a part of "Light it up Blue". The expectation is that the social nature of this product will help spread this message to a large portion of the population. They anticipate that the cooler will get people talking about their experiences and through the sharing of information it will help advance the autism community.

In the near future they hope to create a unique "Help Block (your cause)" campaign and get this product directly into fund raisers hands at a reduced cost. This way fund raisers can sell them directly and keep all the retail profits for their cause.