FIAMM's Boat Horn Ordering in Taiwan

February 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
From electric motorcycle horn to boat horn, YARTON has taken one step further in delivering ABYC A23 certified electric boat horn to a world famous company named FIAMM.

It began with YARTON's horn business in Taiwan 20 years ago; they were selling electric air horns to the aftermarket in Taiwan. Due to the prosperous business, YARTON's well-known horn attracted FIAMM's attention. A series of assessments allowed FIAMM to make orders after, YARTON was supplying electric car horn to BMW's car series for years and the high quality was the main reason that FIAMM again cooperated with YARTON for electric boat horn.

"YARTON's hard work paid off because of FIAMM's recognition. FIAMM gave us an electric boat horn from their own production line, after comparing to our production, FIAMM admitted that our electric boat horn has better quality, therefore, FIAMM made purchasing of series of stainless steel horns from YARTON.", said Alan Chen, the president of YARTON.

  • Product Type: Stainless Steel Marine Horn (HYF-305LTP)
  • Standard: 12V 3.0A 105±5dB, 24V 1.5A 115±5dB, 36V 1.5A 115±5dB
  • Character: All stainless to avoid rust.
  • Single: high tone
  • Short trumpet: 410mm
  • Size: Dia. 101mm
  • Packaging: NIKI box packed, 20pcs/ 16Kgs

  • YARTON is a warning equipment manufacturer with 38 years of experience. 38 years ago, when Taiwan was still full of factories providing OEM services for most of the big brand name companies, YARTON started their own brand selling motorcycle horns in the aftermarket. YARTON was doing great in Taiwan, when one day, a foreigner visited YARTON and took some motorcycle horns and started selling them in the Middle East. Since then, the business took off worldwide. YARTON's horn was sold everywhere including the Philippines, Middle East, Nigeria, Japan and the U.S.

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