Hair Transplant Expert Dr. Behnam launches new website focused on FUE Hair Transplant, and Hair Transplant Repair

February 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dr. Sean Behnam is a fellow hair transplant researcher, a teacher, and an artistic innovator. Over the past few years, he has modified significant steps in hair transplant surgery and hair transplant repair for its aesthetic value.

Hair transplant techniques being taken to the next level

Hair loss is a devastating issue to deal with. In fact majority of the people will experience some form of hair loss during their lifetime. There are many solutions and remedies for hair loss, but the prominent one is hair transplantation.

Over the past 30 years, surgical hair transplantation has improved significantly. Most importantly, it is the only permanent solution to hair loss. Over the past 8 years, a new method of hair restoration known as FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction has evolved very rapidly. With this method, there is no use of scalpels, staples or sutures. Individual hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp one at a time and placed in balding areas. The benefit with this procedure is it does not leave linear scarring in the donor area. It would be almost undetectable that hairs were removed from the back of the scalp. Among dedicated hair transplant doctors, only a handful of them perform this procedure. Since this procedure is very technical, very limited number of grafts can be removed in one day. Dr. Sean Behnam, hair loss and hair transplant specialist in Santa Monica California, has recently completed a 3400 graft FUE hair transplant session. He has been performing this procedure since 2008. He utilizes the special automated device that helps him extract the grafts.

These techniques are not mastered easily. Dr. Behnam has spent years, dedicating his time studying and perfecting the method of FUE. He is a dedicated hair restoration specialist with his specialty in FUEs. He has been modifying his techniques and instruments continuously over the past many years.

Not all hairs are the same

The angles that hairs protrude out of the skin are different in people. Some people have straight hair, while some have curly hairs. Traditionally, it has been challenging to do FUEs in people with curly hair, such as African Americans. Over the past many years, Dr. Sean Behnam has performed many FUEs on people with curly hairs. According to Dr. Behnam, this requires a very special hand and the dexterity to curve the punch as it is going into the skin in order to precisely remove the hair follicle. According to Dr. Behnam, "I visualize how to follow the curve of the hair follicle underneath the skin." This way the hair follicle is removed entirely. Most importantly it comes down to practice and experience. Dr. Sean has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on FUE procedure; continuously performing FUEs makes a huge difference. Dr. Behnam performs about 15 FUE cases a month.

Typically a test called the FOX test is performed to determine how easy the hair follicle can be removed. However in experience hands, like Dr. Sean Behnam, no prior test is required.

Dr. Sean Behnam is a dedicated hair loss and hair transplant doctor in Santa Monica, CA. He performs hair restoration for both men and women. He has been awarded patience choice award, most compassionate doctor's award and Newsweek top doctor.

Dr. Behnam's patients who have had previous procedures elsewhere say that his care and attention to artistic details make the experience in his clinic a total joy. Dr. Behnam's patients describe it as relaxing, rejuvenating, and an artistic transformation.

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About Dr. Sean Behnam

Dr. Sean Behnam is among leaders in hair restoration and hair transplantation. He has been honored with honored with the prestigious Patients' Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor's Award. He has been featured on many programs such as Fox news, KTLA channel 5 news, Good Day LA and ABC news.

Dr. Sean Behnam completed his undergraduate education at UCLA. He graduated medical school from Oregon Health Sciences University. During medical school, he was the recipient of outstanding research award. He attended internship and residency at UCSF, where he was among the top residents. During residency, he was the recipient of the resident of the year award twice and graduated top resident of his class. After his residency, he trained under Dr. Mark DiStefano, a prominent hair transplant surgeon in Massachusetts, where he learned and mastered the techniques in hair restoration. Since then, Dr. Sean Behnam has continued to make changes in his practice to provide better outcomes for his patients.