Franchise Central Recently Became the Single Source for Franchising

February 28, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Franchise Central, an International leader in the franchise industry, has acquired three well-established firms to help companies grow through franchising and for consumers to find the right franchises for them. Franchise Architects, founded in 1980, Franchise Navigator launched in 1997 and ConnectMe are all part of the Franchise Central family of businesses. All of these firms, with decades of experience and validation, focus on maximizing potential for growth and ownership in the modern economy.

More specifically, Franchise Architects has developed and managed efficient and profitable growth models for hundreds of worldwide businesses. Its client list ranges from very mature companies such as, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, KFC and Sears to small emerging businesses. From there, Franchise Central's Franchise Navigator develops High Performer Profiles for each of the franchising companies that identify the type of person best suited to operate that particular business model. Currently, over 150 companies are using Franchise Navigator to recruit and train the right people for their organization. With Franchise Architect's efficient business models and Franchise Navigator's specific profiles, Franchise Central can develop well-run franchise systems that enhance profitability and strengthen the company's growth strategy. Indeed, Franchise Navigator's unique ability to find the optimal franchise operators for franchising businesses is a cornerstone of their business model.

ConnectMe, oftentimes referred to as the eHarmony™ of buying a franchise is a highly innovative "matching" system that matches prospective franchise owners to the right franchise. This is accomplished by the individual taking the free ConnectMe survey and then the computer system takes over and matches their Franchise Navigator profile, geographic preference and liquid capital requirements to the companies that use Franchise Navigator. The system makes the match automatically and is totally objective. The customer is then redirected to a social networking site (Franchise Central) where they can see the companies they have matched up as well as connect with vendors and suppliers to help them on their way towards business ownership.

"Franchising is a profitable but complex business," says Craig Slavin, Franchise Central's CEO. "Many franchising businesses either don't develop an effective business model or they don't choose the right people to operate their franchises. We use our decades of experience and success to help companies avoid these pitfalls. Franchise Architect helps companies develop the correct business model and Franchise Navigator ensures they find the right people to operate their franchises. We hope franchising businesses, or those who want to begin franchising their businesses, will visit our websites or give us a call so we can help them succeed."

Franchising Central is a one-stop-shop for everything franchising. Their services cover potential and already operating franchising businesses and potential franchise operators. With their experienced and innovative chief executive Craig Slavin, Franchising Central has helped build successful franchises all across the globe, helping both existing businesses and aspiring franchise owners.

About Franchise Central
Franchise Central is a holding company for Franchise Architects ( - a 33 year-old consulting firm for franchise companies, ConnectMe and its own social network (, Franchise Navigator ( )-which powers the ConnectMe process and Business Navigator, a tool for non-franchised businesses to find the right employees. Franchise Central has shown that franchising remains a profitable and satisfying option for those who do not want to start their own business from scratch. Franchise Central has become an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere.