CeNano Offers Affiliate Marketing Program to Businesses and Entrepreneurs

March 01, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NEW YORK, New York March 1, 2013 CeNano, a leading distributor of nanotechnology sealant products, announces an affiliate marketing program to help distribute its products. The program allows entrepreneurs throughout the country to partner with the organization, helping CeNano market its product while allowing them to earn a percentage of orders that come through as a result of their efforts.

As CeNano's Thomas Uen explains, CeNano is one of the most innovative new products on the market. Using Nanotechnology, CeNano was able to create a line of sealants that last longer and provide better protection against the elements. Whether a consumer is protecting a car, cabinets, or even electronic devices, nanotechnology provides a durable coating that is easier to clean and can be easily manipulated.

By signing on as an affiliate, a person will be able to get in at the forefront of a revolution that is expected to change the world. Affiliates will get a twenty percent commission on any sales made by customers they refer. The program will pay out monthly, CeNano says, with at least $100 in commissions required for a commission check to be cut. However, if the $100 minimum isn't reached, CeNano will simply roll the balance over as part of the next month's earnings. There is no limit to how much a marketing affiliate can earn as part of CeNano.

After sign-up, affiliates will be given all the materials they need to begin marketing CeNano's products. Affiliates can set up a website dedicated to promoting CeNano's products and can even promote them on social media sites. As affiliates market the product, they can tout a variety of applications, including:

  • Automotive. When applied as a topcoat on a car, truck, or boat, CeNano repels dust and dirt, keeping vehicles clean and protecting paint from scratches. Surfaces are also water-repellent, which keeps a vehicle looking clean longer.
  • Kitchen surfaces. Like its automotive uses, CeNano can help kitchen counters and appliances clean and protected longer. Because of the structure of the protective sealant, oils and dirt can be removed using only water.
  • Eyeglasses. Once CeNano is applied to eyeglass lenses, wearers will see clearer, thanks to better contrast and always-clean leanses. Nanotechnology will also help protect lenses against scratches.
  • Electronics. Apply CeNano to protect tablets and smartphones. Touchscreens will remain fingerprint-free and scratch-resistant.
  • Solar panels. If a business specializes in solar panel installation, CeNano's solar/photovoltaic package can help provide extra protection against the elements. CeNano's solar sealant cleans panels when it rains, helping avoid deterioration over time due to debris buildup.

  • CeNano products require occasional reapplication, which will help affiliates consistently sell products to the same loyal customers. The sealant is conveniently sold in spray bottles and reasonably priced to help affiliates convince customers to try it. Once consumers sample one of CeNano's products, they consistently come back to order more, CeNano says. The company offers introductory packages for its car, household, and electronics packages.

    Currently, CeNano is seeking affiliates throughout the country. To learn more about CeNano's affiliate opportunities, visit its website at https://cenano.myomnistar.com/users/main.php or call 800.875.0806.