"Crowdshout" App Makes Social Action Simple, Now Available for Android Devices on the Google Market

March 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New York - March 6, 2013 Crowdshout, the app that makes getting involved with social causes easier for people with Android devices, announced today that it is now available for download on the Google Market.

Crowdshout is a mobile application that puts social action in the palm of your hand so you can stay fully engaged with the causes you care about. By leveraging the power of the smartphone, Crowdshout uses location and calendar based information to drive coordinated actions designed to make a difference. On the Crowdshout platform each cause is configured with a set of action tools to help promote the cause. Action tools include sending email messages, tweeting on Twitter®, posting to your Facebook® timeline, making phone calls, and reading the latest news items about the cause.

Crowdshout leverages a concept called "micro actions", a number of small tasks taken by individuals that get magnified through group participation. When joining a cause, the tools for that cause are configured into the notification system of the phone, to remind the user to perform the actions at a specified time. The timing aspect is important, because one of the unique capabilities of the Crowdshout platform is to coordinate actions by many people at the same time for maximum impact. Think about creating a "tweet storm" on Twitter®, or initiating a phone campaign blitz to light up the telephone switches of US Senators or Representatives.

"We are very excited to be leveraging Crowdshout to support our initiative", said Ryan Schoenike, Executive Director of The Can Kicks Back. "We had been considering building our own app, but this fit the bill perfectly for us to reach and mobilize our supporters in a new way."

Crowdshout is being offered in two models. First as an open platform, the Crowdshout application is available for free on the Google Market and individuals can create and join causes and use the platform to take actions and make a difference. Alternatively, Crowdshout can be provided as a service for an organization or a group as a "Branded" experience. The Crowdshout app can be rebranded to fit the look and feel of an organization and then the Crowdshout tools and infrastructure can be leveraged to provide a specific branded experience.

Visit www.crowdshout.com to learn more and view our video. A Crowdshout iPhone version will be available in April 2013.

The Crowdshout app is developed by Crowdshout Inc., founded in 2012. To download the app, visit http://bit.ly/WtvDhw