Appreneur Takes Off in the Surf

March 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 6, 2013 - Sydney Australia - Hypnosurf Pty Ltd ("HNS") an Australian company has recently launched with Apple and Google to deliver its new APP to the worldwide mobile market. The company first released its audio Surf enhancement training and development hypnotic visualization program to the Surfing community in 2007 via CD, they soon converted to MP3 downloads, and now they are live with an App.

The HNS program was selected as a finalist at the World Surf Expo held in Orlando Florida USA in 2007. The program is a specifically designed hypnotic training and development program to enhance high performance and consistency levels to the Surfers following the program. The program was designed by Surfers for Surfers to overcome the mental blocks and bad days all Surfers experience. It is an audio program that can be listened to at any time you can chill out for around 40minutes.

"A lot of our clients listen to the program when they go to bed then drift off into a relaxing sleep, taking advantage of the subliminal messages being delivered to the sub-conscious mind whilst they sleep" says the creator of HNS.

Most Sports professionals rely on using forms of hypnotic visualization to enhance their performance skills in many different formats. The creator of the program has been an avid Surfer of more than 20 years, and the end program script and recording was critiqued by Professional Long Boarder Ray Gleave and Professional Short Boarder Shane Bevan. An experienced qualified clinical hypnotherapist John Wong also formed part of the team to critique and deliver a high quality effective script ready for recording. A highly experienced recording specialist Dan Petrovic was then engaged to deliver the complex recording.

The recording was unlike most artistic recordings with the usual editing, arrangement and sound effects, the HNS program required the production to be on a more scientific basis to achieve the correct balance of binaural auto-panner envelopes (aka brainwave synchronizer) to tap into the sub-conscious mind. It is a well-known fact that certain audio frequencies affect one's mental state, and the team used that knowledge to make the right transition into the "trance vortex" to get as close to the natural alpha and theta brainwave rhythms.

After hours of editing, the HNS team got it absolutely right to deliver a high quality effective program which taps into the sub-conscious mind enhancing the Surfing ability of those following the program, from beginners to the more experienced Surfer.

Ms. Raquel Robles of Board Riders Review conducted an independent trial and review of the HNS program to comment:
"…what I noticed within about 2 weeks of listening… …the way I was charging more…it naturally comes… …its working… …my body just follows…". The full recording can be viewed by visiting the HNS website

In a recent 45 minute live radio interview with the creator of HNS, the interviewer Mr. Tom Cunningham commented: "…what a unique application… …getting yourself relaxed in an open frame of mind… …you do perform better…". The full recording can be listened to online by visiting – search 'hypnosurf'.

The HNS team has really nailed it with this SERIOUS HEADWORK FOR SERIOUS SURFERS. Any Surfer out there that is serious about their surfing should check out the program as they will be blown away with their performance improvement results in the lineup.

The HNS program can be downloaded on MP3 and or by scanning the QR App codes found on its web site; or by visiting your Apple or Google APP Store. Further detail can be obtained by emailing an enquiry to

HNS is a privately owned Australian business with brands including Hypnosurf; Hypsnowboard and Hypnocarve. Brand Licensing opportunities do exist inquiries can be forwarded by email to