"Scoliosis BootCamp" Locations Expand to Include NYC

March 07, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Manhattan, NY The recent explosion of popularity and demand for scoliosis exercise based treatment programs like the Scoliosis BootCampTM program have encouraged the program founders to expand the number of locations to a total of 3 with a 4th location planned in the near future. Dr. Aatif Siddiqui of Esprit Wellness, located on the island of Manhattan, NY was selected out of several locations and doctors for his excellence in clinical practice and access to one of the nation's busiest international airports, JFK.

Scoliosis occurs in approximately 4.5 percent of the general population. Scoliosis occurs when the spine of the back forms a C or an S shaped curve. The incidence is greater in females than males. Scoliosis patients have symptoms such back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and muscle spasms and in severe cases digestive symptoms, trouble breathing, and significant disability. About 80 percent of all scoliosis cases are idiopathic (unknown cause).

A few symptoms that could indicate a person might have scoliosis are:
  • Uneven shoulders
  • If you wear a shirt or blouse with horizontal stripes and the stripes seem to be going diagonal (this effect caused by body distortion from a curved spine)
  • Rib cage sticks out on one side
  • more-

  • Scoliosis is often first diagnosed during the teen years at a back to school physical or sports physical. For many years, scoliosis treatment consisted of watching and waiting, rigid back bracing for 23 hours a day for many years, or spinal surgery, depending on the degree of spinal curve.

    The treatment consists of head/body/pelvic resistance training with specialized scoliosis exercise equipment, vibrational traction, scoliosis traction table and chair, and home exercises. Care is initiated by taking x-rays to determine the severity of the scoliosis by measuring the spinal curves. The treatment involves approximately 5-6 hours of treatment daily over a 10 day period. Dr. Siddiqui explains, "Our non-surgical scoliosis treatment program is based on a unique system of scoliosis exercises that actually supplements the stimulation the cerebellum portion of the brain isn't getting, because of the melatonin deficit. Essentially the scoliosis exercises are replacing the feedback the brain isn't getting in order to train the cerebellum and muscles to learn how to hold the spine in a straighter position automatically."

    Dr. Aatif Siddiqui "Dr. Sid", director of Esprit Wellness located in New York City, graduated from Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, Georgia in 1997 with a concentration in nutrition and exercise physiology and is Board certified in NY and NJ. Dr. Sid has been practicing in New York City for over fifteen years and specializes in the reduction and stabilization of scoliosis. His clinical experience includes early onset of scoliosis treatments, severe spinal deformity treatment, and non-surgical scoliosis management with extensive training in non-brace/ non-surgical alternatives for scoliosis correction.

    Dr. Sid is a former member of the board of advisors for CLEAR Scoliosis Institute which has earned him a leadership role within Clear Scoliosis Institute. Dr. Sid has trained doctors from all over the world on how to effectively treat and manage scoliosis patients of all ages and has published articles on topics ranging from scoliosis to health and wellness. Dr. Sid's established track record of success demonstrating long term scoliosis reduction has earned his position on our team of scoliosis treatment providers.

    For more information on scoliosis, please visit these web sites http://www.EspritWellness.com and http://www.treatingscoliosis.com