TummyCalm Touts Safety, Effectiveness of Gas Drops

March 07, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LONG BEACH, California March 7, 2013 Tummy Calm, leading provider of holistic healthcare products for children, announces that gas drops are becoming an increasingly popular option for parents. Most local drugstores now carry Tummy Calm, making it easier for parents to choose it as a safer option to alternative medicine.

Parents have long suffered with infants and children who have painful gas buildup. This gas can cause bloating, stomach aches, and spitting up. Desperate for solutions, parents turn to message boards and other online forums, looking for advice on a safe, fast-acting way to relieve suffering. Many parents are interested in finding natural solutions in order to avoid side effects found in medications.

As Tummy Calm explains, infant and child gas occurs when pockets of air become trapped in the digestive system, creating a cork-like effect in the stomach and intestines. Because the digestive systems of infants and young children are still developing, gas is more frequent, impacting an estimated 70 percent of all babies and newborns.

Tummy Calm stimulates the body's self-healing abilities to eliminate the cause of the problem, rather than merely treating symptoms. Using natural ingredients that include chamomile, lycopodium, and vegetable carbon, Tummy Calm works to both aid digestion and prevent gas.

"Tummy Calm's natural ingredients work quickly to remove the source of discomfort," the company explains on its website. "Microscopic particles of vegetable carbon attract and absorb gas and toxins. Everything then passes out of the digestive system safely and naturally."

Unlike other medications, Tummy Calm can be used whenever symptoms appear. Because relief happens so quickly, children and infants aren't required to take the product regularly. In fact, parents report relief within five minutes of administering Tummy Calm.

Tummy Calm avoids the use of the chemicals and artificial sweeteners found in other gas drops. Simethicone, found in other popular gas drops, has a slight chemical aftertaste, which many brands cover with sweeteners. Tummy Calm's natural flavor has been compared to lemonade, making it easier for parents to administer. Some parents mix Tummy Calm in with a child or infant's drinks, so a pleasant taste increases the chances that the child will complete the dose.

The makers of Tummy Calm are so dedicated to helping infants and children, they provide helpful hints on their website. Feeding techniques like feeding an infant on an incline and using the correct type of bottle are recommended, along with physical therapies like stomach massage and pumping an infant's legs.

In addition to Tummy Calm, the company also makes Colic Calm Gripe Water, ideal for treating colic symptoms in infants. The company is also hard at work on Gastro Calm, a product that will help reduce gas symptoms in adults. The FDA-regulated product will be released later this year and is currently in clinical trials.

Tummy Calm is available at most major pharmaceutical retailers, as well as on the company's website at http://tummycalm.com. The product sells in 2 fluid ounce bottles, providing between 24 and 48 doses, for only $17.95 plus shipping and handling.