Green Spirit Hydroponics Introduces Green Car Air Purifier

March 08, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Green Spirit Hydroponics, Ltd. announces a new, environmentally stable car air purifier to be added to its line of hydroponic friendly products. This new vehicle air purifier will join other similar products offered by Green Spirit.

The Green Spirit car air purifier works to reduce unwanted odours such as tobacco, pet smells and the unavoidable smells from outside the car using an E-ionic method. The car air purifier cycles the air to provide a clean, odourless atmosphere for drivers and passengers alike. Green Spirit developed the car air purifier to deliver a constant torrent of negative oxygen ions to effectively eliminate odours from inside the automobile.

Key facts:

  • The Green Spirit car air purifier works via an E-ionic method to eliminate odours naturally, cleanly and effectively. It's a natural solution to eliminating unwanted smells and invisible particles.

  • The car air purifier requires only routine cleaning around the outside, which means very little upkeep is needed to maintain its effectiveness.

  • The Green Spirit purifier is constructed using a multi-faceted fibres, which allow the creation of negative oxygen ions. This in turn actively helps to keep dust and mould from forming.

  • About Green Spirit Hydroponics:

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