MJV Technology & Innovation Announces the Launch of Start-up-Oriented Social Network: BestCoFounder

March 08, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
March 8, 2013, Austin, TX - Today BestCoFounder announced the launch of their new social networking service, www.bestcofounder.com, a site designed to offer a fresh approach towards the stale "where can I find a co-founder?" question. Representatives from the company are currently attending the 2013 South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin,Texas to generate greater awareness of the platform and to offer demonstrations to potential new users.

The site is an online social platform geared towards early stage start-ups searching for a co-founder or partners. Upon creating an account, the user is invited to answer a few multiple choice questions which will calculate affinity among users. The goal of the site is to form lasting partnerships among its users, so the next stage comprises of organizing in person meet-ups among like-minded members.

Each group created contains a maximum of 10 users with pre-established quotas per role (developers, designers, marketers, business oriented folk), selected based upon a minimum percentage of affinity. After one week has passed, the group is disbanded and new groups are formed so that the initial user finds his or herself amongst a different group of entrepreneurs.

"Following proven methods developed by the dating industry, we get a feel for how you like to work and how you prioritize your day-to-day affairs," explains Maria Borges, Marketing Manager for Best CoFounder. She continues, "Next, we create local groups of similar minded people with the complementary skill set you need."

In order to promote and to commemorate the site launch and their attendance at SXSWi, BestCoFounder has created an infographic paying tribute to the impressive growth of the SXSWi conference, and the opportunity it has provided for many start-up ventures over the years. The graphic visually represents data related to the attendance, the economic impact, and the history of SXSWi, in addition to advice on the best networking techniques for connecting with potential start-up partners at the event.

About BestCoFounder
BestCoFounder.com is an online social platform geared towards early stage start-ups searching for a co-founder. The social networking platform is owned by MJV Technology and Innovation, a market leader in creating innovative business solutions. MJV Technology and Innovation has global offices located in London, England, as well as in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - www.mjvinnovation.co.uk