STEL Explains Why Missing Tracks Highlight The Importance Of Safety Tools And Equipment

March 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Rail Union RMT has highlighted another potential safety hazard on Britain's railway lines. This time, they have photographed what is effectively a six inch gap in the rail line at a section where trains reach speeds of as high as 125mph. This isn't the first case of its kind either, as RMT had previously taken an equally damaging photo of a section of the same East Coast Main Line track in December of last year. Network Rail said that they had planned maintenance for this specific section of the track but that it had deteriorated quicker than they expected it to.

RMT has said that staffing and spending cuts means that the line is falling into disrepair and this is causing a hazard for all that travel on the line. RMT believes railway maintenance should be given top priority even in cases where the Department of Transport are looking to keep the line open as they attempt to re-privatise the service.

Railway maintenance is not only concerned with the number of staff but also the quality of equipment used. High quality rail tools and safety tools and equipment from STEL can help ensure that a railway line is kept running while also ensuring that it is safe and secure. One key aspect to good maintenance is ensuring the use of specialised tools that are designed specifically for the job in hand.

In December of last year RMT took a photo of a section of missing track in the East Coast Main Line. Again, on February 1st of this year they took a similar photograph from another section of the same track. This photo shows a 6 inch section where the rail line has disintegrated leaving a potentially hazardous and dangerous track section. A spokesman for RMT said that the damaged track could have caused a train to derail and collide with an oncoming train.

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