Scourby Audio Bible Apps has Appealing Interface

March 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Litchfield announces that the Scourby Audio Bible App has an appealing interface making it both interesting and easy to navigate, a favorite of Android and iPhone users.

The King James Bible carries a lot of religious significance among Christian, Churches and Scholarly Communities. This is why the Scourby development team opted to present the Audio Bible App in an appealing and pleasant environment to allow the true essence of the King James Bible to shine through,

The Interface presents subtle colors with few overtones and seamless borders and buttons. The controls are easy to follow, easy to operate, with little intervention from the detailed help file. Every user, whether for scholarly work, Bible study or just for the shear enjoyment of hearing Alexander Scourby read the with his expressive and dramatic narration, will enjoy the simplicity of the Bible App interface!

In light of the Heritage the King James Bible enjoys and the degree of excellence that the Voice of Alexander Scourby brings to the Audio Bible App, the simple and appealing interface is appreciated by the users, Users report that by allowing the listener to concentrate on the message via the bimodal presentation of the text of King James Bible and the audio, dramatically increases the understanding and comprehension levels of the users.

The King James Bible was written to be spoken and no ones speaks the King James Bible better than Alexander Scourby. Users report they appreciate the easy with which Alexander Scourby can narrate all those difficult words found in the Bible. The appealing interface makes it easy to both access, listen to and read along with the audio narration. The fact that the interface highlights the text also permits the user to concentrate on the verses being read and get the full benefit of the dual input of the spoken word and written word.

Users report that the Scourby Audio Bible App is an ideal tool to get the most out of Bible Study ever produced and is by far the best audio bible on the market and is the best solution for getting the highest levels of understanding. This is because studies show that distraction levels are initiated by the visual queues (see reference below Fried 2008). With this in mind, the product is designed to use technology in the most positive way possible way in delivering the message in the King James Bible.

Litchfield Associates is the owners of the recordings of King James Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby, who according to the Chicago Tribune is "the greatest Voice ever recorded". The recordings are available as a Bible MP3 Download for computers and Mp3 players and as an Audio Bible app for Android and iPhone users.

Prospective users can get more information about the Scourby Audio Bible app, take and app tour and hear Alexander Scourby read selected passages from the King James Bible by visiting the web site.


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