Digital radio goes analog: homesickFM changes the way we listen to the radio on the Internet

March 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Handmade & homemade in Berlin, homesickFM will be launched as a birthday present for visual artist Stefan Zeyen, on the 3rd of April 2013.

Created by a trio of professionals who were tired of the unstructured infinite amount of Internet radio stations, homesickFM goes beyond the digital chaos and brings back the intimate personalized experience of tuning in and listening to the local radio.

homesickFM not only brings back the unique texture of the local radio band, but most importantly it brightens those gloomy homesick days away from home. In a world of ever-increasing mobility, friends of the trio from a multitude of cities can only confirm their different uses: Scottish Helen, living in Berlin, loves HomesickFM Glasgow on Sunday morning, but prefers homesickFM New York on a Friday evening while making dinner. Caecilia lives in Paris but can't sleep without her local homesickFM Berlin. And Stefan, of course, is always on the go (listening to his radio) moving from one project to the next creating art with that touch of "nostalgia in the new"!

homesickFM brings back the local radio to the global traveller by recreating it via the Internet. Just like an ordinary radio, the app simulates the analog FM band with the ability to scroll back and forth, or to jump from sender to sender. Just choose your continent and your city, and you're back home…listening!

homesickFM turns the iPhone into a teleported transistor radio and channels the multiplying chaos of web streams into a natural listening experience.