Wattco Announce the Temperature Digital Control Panel to Product Range

March 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Wattco Industrial control panels ensure maximum safety for heat generation for a variety of voltage ranges. SCR control panels from WATTCO integrate temperature controllers, over-temperature controllers, customer inputs, and WATTCO SCR power control into a complete package to provide precise power control. These control panels come in a variety of terminal box types including dust proof boxes as well as those that are waterproof or explosion proof for hazardous areas. The digital control panels use controllers to display ambient and target temperatures of the solution. Proper controller schematic and panel design are essential for trouble-free operation of a process system.

Control panels are the brains of the system and determine the heat intensity of the heaters. A hi limit control panel regulates the temperature and provides safety mechanisms in place so that the liquid being heated isn't overheated. In addition to protecting the liquid used in the application, this also protects your heating elements. Wattco offers digital control panels for heating systems that are at least 30 Amps to those that are more than 200 Amperes with special accommodations available for those that are greater. Each control panel from Wattco comes with circuit schematics and support documentation to ensure accurate configuration.

Wattco offers a wide range of industrial heating products including circulation heaters, inline heaters, flanged heaters, screw plug heaters, pipe heaters, over the side heaters and many more. They offer only the highest quality products while guaranteeing that their prices are the lowest in the industry. The addition of digital control panels to their inventory gives their customers the opportunity to get the best solutions for their heating systems at a more affordable price.

Company Information: Wattco is a manufacturing company that develops electric heating products for industrial use around the globe. They strive to offer their clients solutions and not just products. Their inventory includes a wide range of heaters and industrial control panels that are used in the oil and gas industries, renewable energy, HVAC systems and government projects. Their success at providing heating solutions to these and many more industries has resulted from their making their customers their number one priority. In addition to offering only the highest quality products, they also have the fastest turnaround time and the guaranteed lowest price. For more detail please visit, www.wattco.com.