Does Your BI Tool REALLY Drive Business Value?

March 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Business intelligence tools are insurmountably helpful in driving business value. Nowadays, they are considered to be one of the top "must haves" in any organization. Their main purpose is to adeptly be applied to any business purpose and eventually help drive business value. They should be able to provide answers right away. An unresolved concern can result in damaging effects. Sadly, not all BI tools have that complete capacity. Sure, they may be good in collecting data, reporting, data mining or process mining. But unless data becomes useful and compels meaning, these tools may be of little or no value.

Being the leader in data visualization through online mapping, is a BI tool that many organizations have found very useful. It makes use of modern mapping technology that users can take advantage of to help them run their businesses. Not only does it help drive business value, loyal users found out that as they use the tool regularly, they are able to really grasp the whole idea behind their spreadsheet data. Says Benjamin B. from the University of Maine Facilities Management, "This is a powerful tool for anyone trying to manage a large number of mapping points! Other mapping systems on the web just don't compare– is where it's at!"

Through, many businesses are now able to efficiently:

  • Transform data into useful information
  • Help identify problems
  • Develop new business strategies and methods
  • Implement new business plans

  • From Mapping Techniques to Extracting Business Value allows its users to experience brilliant mapping to extract value from business data thereby driving long-term success. Here are some techniques that companies apply with

    Build free maps from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data

    Paste data gathered from Excel spreadsheet and in just minutes, the maps are created, leading to easy data analysis that a short amount of time. Building maps need not be expensive. In fact, offers free map building so users can see for themselves how fast data can be viewed in a way that is most understandable.

    Apply filters to custom view Plus Members are entitled to add up to 10,000 locations per data set per day. That means that they can add as many data layers as they can up to 10,000 locations per layer every day. That huge amount of data can definitely be mapped by!

    More than driving business value, really is a business intelligence tool that promises long-term success!