Add to Your New Year Resolutions with Tax Resolution Services, Consider an OIC Today

March 13, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As we begin 2013, examining your current tax situation becomes critical. What better time than the New Year to have the feeling of a fresh start by becoming straight with the IRS and getting your current tax situation in order? So add to that list of resolutions, and consider tax resolution services by Lothamer.

If you owe back taxes and know you just can't pay them, you may be eligible to submit an "Offer in Compromise" (OIC). This is an offer to pay some of what you owe while acknowledging that you can't pay its entirety.

With all of the hype in the media about help with getting the IRS off of your back, you may think it's simple. But, one must remember this is the IRS and there are rules, regulations, and a specific procedure to follow.

Lothamer, Michigan's leading tax resolution firm offers a free consultation designed to understand your situation, and then guide you through the process of OIC if it is the best choice for you. Lothamer realizes that an Offer in Compromise is not for everyone and the free consultation will help to determine your best options.

The IRS has a formula that determines how much of the total amount due that they will accept. However, recently some of the standards have been relaxed meaning that more taxpayers are eligible to receive help. With the new standards, it is expected that more taxpayers will get help.

With the New Year upon us, everyone wants a fresh start and the best deal possible, including the IRS. It is recommended that you consult with a qualified firm to learn what you can expect. Lothamer has a proven record of accomplishment for their clients that they are proud to demonstrate.

Lothamer is a professional firm of Certified Public Accountants founded by Jesse I. Lothamer, J.D., C.P.A. in 1978. The firm specializes in Tax Representation and Tax Problem Resolution, and has helped thousands of clients settle their tax problems with the IRS and State of Michigan. With offices across the State of Michigan, Lothamer is Michigan's leading Tax Resolution Firm, and will continue to provide the general public with tax representation and tax problem resolution for a wide variety of tax problems.