First Sandbox MMO Game for iPad launched on Kickstarter

March 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
RedBedlam has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help get The Missing Ink MMORPG onto iPad in Q3 2013. A modest target of £25,000 has been set, which the company says would free up enough of its resources to complete the iPad version of the MMO game and Virtual World -

The Missing Ink is a unique sandbox MMORPG and virtual world and aims to be the world's first truly cross-platform game of its kind. Players connect to one giant game world via a multitude of devices including Windows PC's, Macs, and ultimately iPads and Android tablets. It's even playable without leaving the comfort of your web browser. Check out the game now and the Kickstarter page for The Missing Ink.

Kerry Fraser-Robinson, RedBedlam's CEO explained, "We need to do some more optimisation and user interface work on the iPad version and also to make sure we balance the user experience on all devices."

The Missing Ink is in Open Beta now and is fully playable on PC, Mac and in the browser you can register an account today and start playing instantly!

Why Kickstarter?

"We believe Kickstarter is the ideal platform to help Indie game developers finish and self-publish their own titles", continued Fraser-Robinson. "RedBedlam is a very small independent company and the team behind The Missing Ink consists of just seven people. We were finding the current publishing climate a challenge to say the least, and, as a result, we decided to go our own way. We're reaching out to the Kickstarter community for support in getting our pride and joy onto the iPad in 2013."

RedBedlam is offering a variety of rewards from £1 to get your name on the website as a supporter and £3 to pre-order your copy of The Missing Ink for iPad a 25% discount from the intended launch price. Players can also get exclusive to Kickstarter in-game avatars, a T-Shirt, the chance to name an NPC and a range of custom avatars designed by RedBedlam's in-house artists.

The company has suggested that should their campaign be successful then their first stretch goal for their Kickstarter campaign will be to accelerate the Android tablet version of The Missing Ink so it can also be released before the end of 2013.

Fraser-Robinson added: "We've put up some great rewards and I think the custom avatar rewards starting at £99 really represent great value, so go on, please come and Kick us in the Starters!"