FlipBook Creator Professional 1.8.8 Now Allows for the Design of Interactive User Manuals

March 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Improving on the ability to convert PDF to flippingbook, FlipBook Creator Professional 1.8.8 is now also a great tool for creating user manuals for products. Conversion to flipbooks, setting templates, and adding content takes only minutes. The numerous other multimedia features are suitable for creating interactive content that readers will find engaging and educational.

In addition, the software makes it easy to create easy to understand content. These, combined with a manual rich in detail, are important for getting a reader to make the most out of any product. Features such as background audio not only provide feedback through sound effects, but also give an opportunity to add voiceovers to illustrate points vocally. Audio instructions can easily be added where needed. These provide an alternative to the viewer just having to sit and read through everything.

Users can also add images at any point in their flipbook. These help illustrate any aspect of a product and show instructions on use, assembly, and proper configuration, for example. Any user manual needs to be as detailed and organized as possible. FlipBook Creator Professional 1.8.8 allows for this to be done in little time. In addition to images, it also lets users add videos, which are highly reliable ways to teach others new concepts. Videos are hugely popular on the Internet. The page flip software now supports the appeal for them by providing easy to use tools for adding or linking to video files.

Another feature lending itself to creating user manuals is the ability to add links. Cramming too much detail into one place can make it tough for the reader. Users fortunately have the option to add hyperlinks to websites and more content. These can be to more detailed product pages or outside resources which may be useful to understanding a certain concept or product feature. Text editing also helps to properly format a user manual. The look and feel of the text is as important as the quality of the content in making it easy for a reader to understand.

FlipBook Creator Professional 1.8.8 is ideal for creating user manuals in addition to e-books, magazines, brochures, and more. Learn more about the flipbook software by going to http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker-pro/index.html