Thule Racks Launches Premium Sonic Series Cargo Roof Boxes, Including 636 Sonic XXL, 635 Sonic XL, 634 Sonic L, 634 Sonic Alpine

March 20, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Thule Racks, the leading world-wide automobile gear and equipment transport solutions for cars, vans and pickup trucks, and ORS Racks Direct, a leading Thule nationwide sales retailer, have further solidified a long-standing, strong partnership with the recently announced, all-new, premium Sonic Series cargo-luggage roof boxes. Models include the 636 Sonic XXL box, 635 Sonic XL box, 634 Sonic L box and 633 Sonic Alpine box. All models are available in two color choices — glossy metallic silver color finish and glossy black color finish.

Exceptionally engineered, designed and thoroughly tested, the Sonic line of premier cargo roof boxes delivers industry leading, advanced, innovative and proprietary features that all Sonic boxes share in common. The incredible AcuTight universal mounting clamps with "click" technology included with all Sonic boxes delivers the most convenient and effortless operating design. In fact, it takes just 5 minutes to install the cargo-luggage carrier to virtually all factory roof rack cross bar styles and sizes, as well as any aftermarket base rack system cross bars from Yakima, Thule, Whispbar, Inno etc. Another prominent feature on all Sonic boxes is the patented AeroNose design on the front of the cargo carrier. Along with delivering incredibly modern, sleek styling, the very aerodynamic AeroNose radically reduces wind drag and noise, noticeably increasing fuel economy. This feature alone is reason enough to purchase a Sonic series box, as over time this feature will make up for the Sonic pricing, compared to less expensive cargo roof box options. Each model also delivers uniquely designed elements to meet consumers' differing needs in the car rooftop cargo carrier category. The Thule Sonic roof box series replaces the previous generation Thule Atlantis car roof rack cross bars mounting cargo containers.

"The highest grade, premium level Thule Rack Sonic series car top roof rack cross bars mounting cargo containers truly raise the bar in the hard-shell, waterproof, protective vehicle rooftop carriers for transporting all kinds of equipment and gear such as virtually any luggage-cargo gear, snowboards-skis, sports gear, camping equipment, vacation supplies, golf club bags, baby joggers and baby strollers, even shopping bags when running errands around town. The Thule Sonic cargo roof boxes serves up an amazing, eye popping list of best-in-class new features, host of new features and plenty of upgrades, "explains Catherine Case, ORS Racks Direct Consumer Relations and Sales Coordinator, "and all four models each offer unique design features to meet the varying needs of consumers choosing an ideal roof box for their particular needs and requirements. And as with the fun prediction I earlier made in the mid-level Force cargo box series, I'm putting all my chips in and betting the Thule 635 Sonic XL box ( will win the popularity contest with Sonic series purchasing customers over time. With a huge 17 cu/ft cargo storage capacity, packs plentiful room for all kinds of cargo-luggage gear, various equipment, skis, snowboards (easily accommodates up to 6-8 pair skis / 4-6 snowboards) and more. The 90"(L) x 34.5"(W) x 16"(H) dimensions make it a great choice for all but the smallest vehicles with short roof lines such as compact 2-door vehicles etc. It is available as the Thule 635S Sonic XL box with a premium glossy silver finish and the Thule 635B Sonic XL box with a premium glossy black finish. Otherwise, the 635 Sonic XL models share the same best-in-class features as all other Sonic series car top cargo containers that mount to roof rack crossbars."

The Thule 633 Sonic Alpine roof box ( features unique 88.5"(L) x 25.5"(W) x 12.5"(H) dimensions intentionally designed this way for a few reasons. The narrow dimensions provide a roof box option that uses up less car rack cross bar space, compared to all other Sonic models. This makes the 633 Sonic Alpine a great choice for users seeking more room to attach other gear carrier mounts on the cross bars next to the 633 Thule Sonic Alpine box. Also has the lowest-profile and most aerodynamic design, ensuring superior fuel savings and best clearance when pulling into garages and other possible low hanging overheads. Also a very popular option for carrying skis and snowboards (easily handles up to 2-3 snowboards / 3-4 pair skis). The 10 cu./ft cargo capacity still manages to provide ample space for loading and transporting cargo gear and luggage, camping equipment, sports gear vacation supplies and more. Includes dual-side box lid opening convenience for opening and closing box from either side of the vehicle, as well as Thule OverSized SecureLock system (locks and keys included) for total theft prevention of all items inside roof box and the 633 Sonic Alpine itself from the automobile. Available as the Thule 633S Sonic Alpine box with a premium glossy silver finish and the Thule 633B Sonic Alpine box with a premium glossy black finish.The shortest length, Sonic roof box is the Thule 634 Sonic L ( The 73"(L) x 34.5"(W) x 16"(H) dimensions make it the perfect option for any consumers not planning to transport long skis, long snowboards (carries up to 4-6 pair skis / 3-4 snowboards; NOTE: snowboards and skis cannot be over 158cm in length) as well as any other extra long items inside the car top roof rack mounting Thule 634 Sonic L cargo-luggage container. Don't let the short length fool you however, this box provides a 13 cu/ft cargo capacity - generous room for any luggage-cargo gear, camping equipment, vacation supplies, sports gear, baby jogger / baby stroller, golf club bags, shopping bags and more. Makes a great fit for 2-door car models and other automobiles with short roof lines. However, the 634 Sonic L is also sized perfectly for a well-balanced look on all sedans, station wagons, minivans, CUV and SUV models, pickup truck cab roofs etc. Also includes convenient dual-side box lid opening and closing from both sides of the car, as well as Thule OverSized SecureLock system. Available as the Thule 634B Sonic L box with a premium glossy black finish and the Thule 633S Sonic L box with a premium glossy silver finish.

Finally, the last of the four models is the Thule 636 Sonic XXL ( Sporting dimensions of 92.5"(L) x 36"(W) x 18"(H) and astonishing large 22 cu/ft cargo capacity, the Thule 636 Sonic XXL roof top cargo-luggage gear container is by far the largest size option in the Sonic series. Delivers a massive amount of cargo storage space for loading and hauling all kinds of cargo gear and luggage, skis-snowboards (carries up to 6-8 snowboards / 10-12 pair skis), sports gear, camping equipment, vacation supplies golf club bags, baby jogger / baby stroller and more. Ideally sized to fit and provide a well balanced look on larger vehicles such as CUV and SUV models, station wagons, minivans, four door-crew cab pickup truck roof tops, vans etc. And like all other Sonic boxes, the Thule 636 Sonic XXL also includes convenient dual-side box lid opening and closing from either side of the automobile. Thule Over-Sized SecureLock system (with locks and keys) also included. Available as the Thule 636S Sonic XXL box with a premium glossy silver finish and the Thule 636B Sonic XXL box with a premium glossy black finish.

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