LocalFlix.com (Share, Buy, Trade, Sell, DVDs & Video Games) - Beta Launched!

November 23, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LocalFlix.com founded by entrepreneur, Dewayne Brown, allows members to manage their media collection in the most cost effective all-in-one solution.

For starters by using our service members can manage and organize their existing dvd and video game collection. Members can also create their own local private community and share the collection with selected friends & family. Our service manages the complete CheckIn/Checkout process with very little assistance. No shipping fees…. remember we're "LOCAL"Flix.com.

No more rental fees! View the movie or play the game, before going to the store and buy it! No more disappointing purchases.

"The more members in you're personal community the greater the selections and availability."

For example:
-Create a Office Movie/Video Game Club
-Organizational Movie/Video Game Club
-many possibilities

Members can also select individual titles within you're collection to trade and/or sell for free. Therefore, you're dvds and video games maintain value whether you're sharing, trading, and/or selling them. No more dust collection.

We only charge 50 cents per dvd/game title added to the members account. Sharing, Trading, Buying/Selling is Free!

Sign up today and try our service for Free and recieve 3-Free Listing Points!

Beta Release - 11/24/2005

URL: http://www.LocalFlix.com