Creative Safety Supply Offering Limited Time Complimentary Poster with Purchase

March 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Beaverton, OR - Oregon-based retailer of industrial safety and organization supplies, Creative Safety Supply, is announcing a promotion that allows customers who purchase 5S and pipe marking products to receive a complimentary poster highlighting workplace safety standards.

The complimentary 5S poster being offered by Creative Safety for a limited time, features a close English translation of all major themes of the approach to lean industrialism and manufacturing.

"We've seen the outstanding benefits the presence of a poster can have in the workplace," said a spokesperson for Creative Safety. "A poster is a not only informative, but also serves as a constant reminder to employees of the standards that must be maintained at all times within a workplace. In order to successfully practice lean manufacturing, we feel it's important that employees be aware at all times of the structure of an organization, to improve the accountability of each individual."

The goal of Creative Safety is to provide safety signs and organizational guidelines that allow manufacturers to achieve higher profits and less downtime, due to disorganized and potentially dangerous workplaces. Creative Safety Supply is a leader in visual safety, and has worked with high-profile companies, including BMW, Toyota, BP and Boeing.

Each year, billions of dollars are lost by business owners due to unsafe conditions that can lead to workers' compensation costs and liability lawsuits. When proper safety precautions are not implemented, it can also mean loss of work time by employees, and decreased production. Following standards such as those set forth by the 5S approach, and the use of items such as tape and labels, allow an organization to operate at its peak level of productivity.

5S products are based on a standard of systematic workplace organization that originated in Japan, with the primary benefits being a structured approach, simplicity and efficiency in the workplace. 5S is known not only as an innovative lean manufacturing approach, but its products are simple to use and allow for user-friendly designations in industrial zones, which decreases the possibility of workplace accidents.

The industrial supply retailer provides products that are specifically to assist with lean manufacturing practices and standards. Popular items sold by Creative Safety include safety tape, label maker, spill kits and 5S products.

About Creative Safety Supply
Creative Safety Supply is based in Beaverton, Oregon, and sells unique and innovative products designed to make industrial workplaces safer and more efficient. The goal of the company is to bring manufacturers a fresh new look and way of doing business by providing top-of-the-line floor marking products, 5S, 6S, visual workplace, lean manufacturing and ergonomic products. The company has experience working with facilities across the globe, and they bring that experience to their customers each day. To reach Creative Safety supply, visit their website at