Silverstone, a Self-Directed IRA Provider, Allows Retirement Account Investors to Protect Retirement Funds from Inflation with Gold IRAs

March 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Silverstone, a self-directed IRA administrator assists individual investors in protecting their retirement accounts savings from potential inflation by investing in gold with an IRA. The uniquely-structured accounts allow for the storage and holding of precious metals including gold and silver with IRA funds. While most money market accounts and mutual funds would steer investors away from precious metals, the self-directed retirement account becomes an account that is actively managed by the individual, not the portfolio fund manager.

Quantitative Easing and Self-Directed Retirement Funds

"With the amount of money the government has been pumping over the last several years, supply/demand economics tells us the value of the U.S. dollar has significantly decreased," says Troy Jenkins, Silverstone marketing manager. "While unemployment has not yet begun to improve to the levels we once thought, we still think gold has the potential to increase even further.

Silverstone is encouraging IRA investors to look to gold as a hedge against inflation and not simply an investment. "When inflation kicks in, those holding dollars will be hurt the most. Tangible assets, including real estate and precious metals will help to curb any concern about the cash in your retirement account losing significant value," says Jenkins.

Ensuring Custodial Control of a Gold IRA

Silverstone acknowledges the lack of case-law required to allow investors to physically take possession of their own IRA gold. Until such case law exists, the company is encouraging investors to work directly with the custodian to ensure the precious metals are properly stored.

While it may yet be legal to physically take possession of the gold itself, Silverstone would like to ensure all compliance with Federal law when it comes to storing and administering IRA funds. "It is best to keep the account practices as above board as possible," says Jenkins. "You wouldn't want to jeopardize, in any way, the relevancy of a self-directed IRA. The results can disastrous."

Setting up a Self-Directed IRA for Investing in Gold

The unique structure of a self-directed retirement account provides at least some shelter from the coming inflation brought on by money printing. The unique structure of putting IRA funds within a Limited Liability Company or LLC, puts the IRA holder one step away from the funds, but still gives the investor access to the funds via IRA with checkbook control.

Such checkbook IRA control means any investor has the ability to make investments in any asset, including silver, gold and other qualified precious metals, by simply writing a check. With the ability to make investments wherever and whenever one so chooses, the account provides an expanded amount of investment power to the user.

About Silverstone provides administrative guidance for self-directed IRA and solo 401(k) accounts. The company works directly with individual investors on a one-on-one personal basis to ensure retirement funds are properly administered so as to create the most opportunity for private investment with the least amount of potential tax burden as possible.