Salt Lake City, Utah Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors Provide Expert Business Plan Solutions to Middle Market Companies

March 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Deal Capital, a Salt Lake City, Utah mergers and acquisitions advisory firm for middle market companies announces the expert assistance from its team of business planners. The expert MBA consultants help for the crafting of business plans for both internal external use. The company's expert planning solutions can be used in everything from capital requisition to corporate divestiture activity. With over two decades of merger and acquisition experience, the senior management at Deal Capital works with experienced start-up entrepreneurs as well as seasoned industry managers to plan for business growth well into the future.

Business Plans for Corporate Growth

Many companies are successful to a threshold. At various stages in the business lifecycle, there comes a point where the company's growth is further served by ratcheting up funding and expanding with more capital. There is certainly a risk involved in taking a business to the next level of growth which is why most business growth funding opportunities require expert plans for growth.

Growth capital plans generally require plan input and expertise from multiple areas including business operations, corporate finance and focused marketing. For the steady-state and long-standing successful business owner, growth capital may be easier to obtain when a solid plan is put in place to illuminate how the funds will be appropriately used. But a plan often does not take away the risk involved with growing the business from its current state to where it needs to go in the future. This risk is often best mitigated by anticipating potential problems and roadblocks before they arise.

Drafting appropriate pro forma financial statements, planning market segmented targeting as well as having appropriate foresight into operational issues are all important pieces of a growth-focused business plan. "We generally work as a plan partner with companies that have greater than $1 million in annual bottom-line profits," says Troy Jenkins, marketing manager for Deal Capital. "It's the perfect size for what we're trying to accomplish."

Business Plans for Mergers and Acquisitions

With experts in business finance and corporate consulting, Deal Capital's services assist both business owners seeking business plan option for internal use and companies looking to divest their ownership by brokering their companies. Internal plans can help owners understand what their business may be worth prior to putting it on the market. This is extremely helpful in that many companies have false expectations as to what their businesses might be worth when it comes time for them to sell.

"It can often be a struggle when it comes time to sell the business as the company may be worth much less than what the owner is willing to take or than what he/she needs for retirement," says Jenkins. Appropriate planning can help set proper expectations on corporate valuation and proper structure of the deal for when it finally closes.

In addition, an appropriate plan can also be helpful in negotiations. The more a business owner and his/her negotiation teams knows during the negotiation for a higher price, the greater leverage and power the company has to get the highest value when the deal eventually closes.

About Deal Capital

Deal Capital is a business broker and middle market merger and acquisition advisory firm with M&A partnerships across the country. The company helps in financial consulting of business owners and managers seeking to grow and sell companies in the range of $2 million to $200 million of EBITDA. Their newly minted Salt Lake City office is part of an expanded effort to help grow the company's M&A arm across multiple states.