Attorney Mark Langschied Discusses Impact of Kelsey's Law on Young Michigan Drivers

March 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Northville, MI – On his license restoration blog, Michigan attorney Mark Langschied recently discussed Kelsey's Law – Michigan's newest law prohibiting cell phone use while driving – and it's implications on Michigan driver's license restoration and motorist safety. Named after a Michigan teen who was killed in a car accident while talking on her cell phone, Kelsey's Law takes effect in Michigan in March 2013.

Kelsey's Law has a direct impact on new drivers – those holding a Level I or Level II graduated driver's license – by prohibiting cell phone use while behind the wheel. Drivers found in violation of Kelsey's Law are subject to civil infractions. Local municipalities will determine the sanction for any violations.

Attorney Langschied also discussed the circumstances in which new drivers are permitted to use their cell phones while driving, including to report a traffic accident, crime or other emergency, or when using a voice operated hands free talking device.

Mark Langschied believes that Kelsey's Law, combined with other existing laws that restrict nighttime driving and limit the number of passengers under 21 years of age, will help keep Michigan's roadways safer for all motorists.

"Kelsey's Law has the potential to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities caused by drivers distracted by cell phones," said Michigan driver's license restoration attorney Mark Langschied. "Preventing cell phone use among young drivers – a population already at greater risk for traffic citations and collisions due to their inexperience behind the wheel– is in the best interest of all drivers and pedestrians. If beginning drivers obey Kelsey's Law and refrain from cell phone use while driving, there should also be fewer license suspensions and a reduced need for Michigan driver's license appeals."

By reducing distractions, Attorney Mark Langschied hopes Kelsey's Law will help young drivers keep clean driving records, avoid traffic citations and successfully earn full driving privileges.

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