New DynaCon® Box Filling System Saves Space

March 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announces the addition of an Over/Under Box Filling System to its line of parts handling equipment which includes modular conveyors and accessories. The DynaCon Box Filling System is an ideal way to maximize automation where space is a premium.

The DynaCon system allows user defined fill rates to insure accuracy up to 0.3 ounces, providing hours of unattended precise container filling. The system is automated and allows for unattended operation of filling boxes by cycle count, weight or weigh count. The system includes audible and visual alarms to signal system "full" and/or "empty". Unattended operation allows the system to run 24/7/365.

The Over/Under Box Filling System offers simple control set-up, quick disconnects between conveyors, and an easy to read visual indicator on a large graphical LCD display. Weights are displayed in kilograms/grams or pounds/ounces and the database allows for storage of multiple jobs. The systems offer repeatability to within .02 of 1 lb. or 9 grams. The DynaCon box filling systems are custom sized to application capacity and include trickle feed for the most accurate weigh filling of boxes.

DynaCon box filling systems save space and money. Utilizing minimal energy resources, they operate on 110V and use no compressed air. Saving on costly floor space, a smaller footprint is needed by stacking two levels of conveyors. Empty boxes are filled on the bottom conveyor, weighed and raised with an electric lift assembly to the top conveyor. The DynaCon systems are available in widths of 18", 24", 30" and 36". Like all of the DynaCon parts handling equipment, components can be selected to build the ideal system and easily added or removed as box filling needs change.

DynaCon systems offer an economical parts filling solution by including energy efficient electrical components, using minimal floor space, allowing easy reconfiguration of the system, and filling boxes unattended 24/7/365.

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