Self-Taught Seo Pro Wows Internet With Seo Interfaces

March 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The recently launched SEO Scope and SEO Pro Connect interfaces are turning an internet newcomer into an SEO pro.

Self taught software programmer and CEO of the Level One Network, Dan Miller, wows the internet world with SEO Scope and SEO Pro Connect. The Level One Network, still in pre-launch, combines SEO tools to facilitate search optimization marketing for all of it's affiliates. Members of the Level One Network do not have to be a SEO Pro to navigate within the framework of this blogging system. In fact, it appears 'how to do SEO' just became elementary with the SEO Pro Connect product.

SEO Scope
Advanced SEO programming built into the architecture of the blogging network site sets the stage for how to work like a SEO pro without any previous experience. SEO Scope helps the novice to properly align keywords within their content, based upon character count. "In line" implies that a perfect ratio, of a target keyword and two relevant keywords exists in relationship to the overall character count. A green light/red light system informs the user that they have achieved the perfect balance of all three keywords within the post.

SEO Pro Connect
SEO Pro Connect is another tool that can be used by members of the Level One Network to build what are called gateway pages. This self-programmed interface that Dan Miller created for the Level One Network blogging platform offers it's members both a marketable affiliate product as well as the SEO Pro Connect tool to use for search engine optimization. This tool allows a complete newbie to work like a SEO pro.

Gateway pages are the best friend of a SEO pro and are specifically designed for submission to search engines. The gateway page contains a specific set of relevant keywords that a SEO pro is strategically placing in their content.

Gateway pages are built separately within this SEO Pro Connect interface. In other words, they do not fit into the normal structure of the individual member's Level One Network blog site. They are built and used only to help people to find the blog site and will act only as portals or entry points. There is no requirement for the affiliates to re-design their original blog site to accommodate these pages. These pages are professionally rendered by the budding 'SEO pro' affiliate.