KidsWorldMD is Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Adolescents

April 09, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News understands that promoting change is difficult at any age. Adolescents are at the cross road in their lives where they are being groomed physically, socially,emotionally and spiritually for adulthood. It's a time where society's expectations and rules are often challenged. Some teenagers may experiment with illegal drugs and alcohol, testing the speed limits on the roads and engaging in risky behaviors. Parents are often frustrated and bewildered at their adolescents testing their boundaries of patience, rules and in some cases their emotions. has compiled a list on teen's health, which addresses many of the common issues grouped into seven major categories.

While each category is filled with helpful information related to the growth and development of adolescents and addresses complex subjects such as cognitive and relationship development, the ultimate goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle in teenagers. addresses six areas that can help adolescents develop and practice a healthy lifestyle that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

A good starting point is nutrition in adolescents. Children tend to model their habits after their parents, and teenagers are no exception. Planning and serving family meals that are nutritious can be a topic of discussion with all family members. This can cover food groups, portion sizes, dangers of added salts, sugar and fats. Changes or modifications can be made to benefit the entire family. Teenagers may not feel pressured to conform, as this is an educated family decision, and he or she may be less likely to succumb to peer pressure and unhealthy eating habits. is a good article to share with teenagers looking to promote a healthy lifestyle. recognizes that parents have busy schedules and some adolescents neither have time, patience or interest to learn to follow guidelines established to promote their health. However, most adolescents have smart phones and are computer savvy, they can read the information at their convenience and be ready for the five minute family discussion, even if it is once per week. Topics such as good and bad cholesterol and the risks factors found: may save the life of a beloved family member. Information can only save a life if it is practiced and shared.