KidsWorldMD added a comprehensive drug reference that analyzes over 33,000 prescribed and over the counter drugs

March 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
KidsWorldMD understands than many people think of medications as the miracle to good health and a long and happy life. Medications are known to relieve pain,fight infections, promote healing and build up the body's defenses. Many diseases have been eradicated because of the intervention of medicine and some diseases that were once thought of as fatal can now be treated. Each year the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a new list of medication that is considered safe for human consumption.

As the list of medications grow, the chances of drug interaction and side effects of the drug increases. It should be remembered that these medications are often foreign substances to the body, and it is not uncommon for the body to reject or respond to these properties. KidsWorldMD recognizes that some form of medication is taken daily by the majority of the population. The subject is complex so it has tools to simplify the topic and to help consumers identify different products by their physical appearance such as their shape, color or markings. also offers tips on how to get the best use of this tool.

The drug interaction checker is a tool on that educates consumers of the desired effects of the drugs, the side effects or what substances may increase or decrease the active ingredients of the drug. Consumers often get some of this information from their physicians and pharmacists. having this tool at their finger tips from any computer, tablets or smartphone allows consumers to retrieve, consolidate or refresh their knowledge on their medications at their convenience. Sometimes they may have forgotten to tell their doctor about another medication that they are taking and utilizing this tool may remind them so that they can better manage their care.

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