Silverstone Offers Global Investing Options with a Self-Directed IRA with Checkbook Control

March 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the Cyprus financial contagion spreading, many investors are nervous about keeping too many of their assets in a single location. Complete diversification ensures the retirement account owner that his/her retirement funds will not be outlasted by an increase in longevity, turbulent market swings or mismanagement of investment funds. Full diversification can often mean partial investments in potentially lucrative growth and emerging markets outside the United States. In fact, many investors are finding that a global IRA from Silverstone will help more fully enhance a complete diversification strategy.

A self-directed IRA from Silverstone can provide the flexibility needed to grow retirement funds tax free

Risks of Investing in the United States

There are a number of key areas in the management of the U.S. finances that has many investors skittish. First, massive public deficits for the last few decades have put strapped Americans with a large future tax burden. Combine that with Congressional infighting and the U.S. Treasury Bill downgrade and it's not a good recipe for investing in the United States future.

Secondly, the Federal Reserve's easy monetary policy has increased the monetary base by trillions which will eventually have an impact on retirement savers as dollars tomorrow will be worth significantly less in terms of purchasing power than it is today. Thirdly, the future burdens of retirees in the United States will be substantial with over 300,000 retiring each month for the next 19 years. This large group of individuals is not only mostly unprepared for retirement, it is expected they will need between $60 trillion and $100 trillion in government-funded retirement benefits before they die.

Averting Risks with a Checkbook IRA

Tax-advantaged investing with unique investment alternatives, like those invested in with a checkbook retirement account provide a great way to diversify into the global market. With a self-directed IRA, the investor can

  • Invest in foreign real estate or real estate notes
  • Buy and store physical gold in a qualified account overseas
  • Invest in foreign private businesses
  • Buy financially stable paper on the private market in foreign jurisdictions

  • These and other options are available to investors who properly structure their retirement funds and invest in alternative private assets and precious metal hedging instruments in countries with more stable economies and who're better prepared for the long-term.

    About Silverstone

    Silverstone is a Seattle, WA provider of self-directed retirement accounts, solo 401(k)s and real estate IRAs. The company's intent is to assist individual retirement investors avoid the sting of higher tax rates by sheltering retirement funds in the most flexible way for investing. The Silverstone checkbook IRA allows investors the ability to place tax-advantaged retirement funds in more lucrative positions.