Peak Medical Now Uses Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, with Applied Clinical Nutrition to treat patients

March 29, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Applied Kinesiology (AK) Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) together with Applied Clinical Nutrition has become a widely used method for analyzing the nutritional, physical and structural needs of patients seeking safe, alternative solutions for their health problems. There is no other analytic technique used by so many different types of health professionals across the wide spectrum of the healing arts.

AK/CRA is a procedure used by the modern practitioner to help him or her rapidly and accurately determine the nutritional, physical and structural needs of the patient using the body's own reflex points in order to determine what is needed to best help that patient correct the underlying (root) causes of the their health problem.

Dr. Richard Versendaal, the developer of CRA observed that deviations in the normal electrical energy flows of the body can be associated with illness including physical malfunction. This observation opened the door to his hypotheses that a): It should be possible to correct these energy imbalances through the use of exact nutritional protocols and b): That a system of analysis could be developed that would isolate the key (reflex) points on any particular patient enabling the practitioner to match those points with appropriate nutritional supplementation. It was his hope that this would allow physicians to achieve more rapid and complete physical healing and with it the eradication of a multitude of unwanted symptoms and conditions.

No organ system or disease is diagnosed or treated in AK/CRA. Using AK/CRA, the source of the problem is detected enabling the practitioner to make recommendations aimed at correcting the source.

In AK/CRA, the doctor uses an intact muscle on the patient to identify a series of "reflex points" on the body. As Dr. Versendaal has said in his book: Contact Reflex Analysis and Designed Clinical Nutrition. "On a healthy body, electricity flows to every area and feeds it the energy it needs to function. When you use CRA to test the reflexes of each area, the testing arm, which is like a circuit breaker, will remain strong if there is no interruption of (nerve) energy. However, if one area of the body has become unhealthy it begins to draw excessive (electrical) energy in order to stay alive and functioning. This causes the body's electrical system to "blow a breaker" the muscle being used to perform the test (usually the deltoid muscle of the arm) will become weak and the arm will drop when the affected area's reflex is tested."

Through four decades of clinical research, these reflex points have been established, tested and retested on literally tens of thousands of patients. Thus, by determining which reflexes are weak or strong, using the exact sequences developed by Dr. Versendaal through years of clinical experience, one can accurately determine the individuals nutritional physical and or structural needs. AK/CRA has the added benefit of making individual health care programs affordable for the patient (who is not normally insured for nutritional health care). This is accomplished by reducing the nutritional supplement program to only those items necessary to move a patient from their current level of health to the next level, where upon they can be re-evaluated to advance their health even further. For more detail please visit,

AK/CRA is a highly workable, dynamic, analytical technique that permits the doctor to identify physiological weakness in their early stages. With this capability it becomes possible to provide long-term preventive health care, based on the positive foundation of good nutritional supplementation programs the goal of which is to reduce the patient's risk of needing major medical intervention.

AK/CRA is for the person who is open minded, has become less enthusiastic about the offerings of the current "health/drug delivery system" and who is seeking safer, more natural alternatives to their health problems. The only real health insurance there is…… GOOD HEALTH!!