Silverstone Provides Business Planning for Real Estate IRA Investors Looking to Maximize Retirement Investments in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Properties

March 29, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Self-directed IRA provider,, announces the strategic assistances of expert business plan professionals in drafting commercial and residential real estate plans for maximizing capital returns within retirement accounts. With the help of Silverstone's checkbook IRA solution, IRA holders looking to invest in real estate with retirement account money can now do so with an optimized and planned approach with the help of expert planning solutions.

The Benefits of a Real Estate IRA

Because some of the biggest burdens on today's investors involve tax liability, any legal method used to avoid tax can be extremely helpful in increasing returns. And since capital gains and other taxes are on the rise, it only makes sense that investors look for other fail-safe methods for tax-avoidance. Luckily, one of the great benefits of a real estate IRA is that is provides a safe-haven from taxes. From buy-and-hold to real estate flippers, a Roth real estate retirement account can help to eliminate both short and long-term capital gains taxes.

"Some investors are able to buy into real estate investment opportunities at very low cost and then turn around and sell them for a great return within a very short period of time. Because many such opportunities would be subject to short-term capital gains taxes, the 'sweetness' of the deal can be greatly limited," says Troy Jenkins, VP of marketing for "But imagine how a checkbook control IRA would look if you could simply buy a property with your checkbook and flip it in a short period without having to pay taxes on the gain. The opportunities to make fantastic returns year-over-year are endless when you use a self-directed retirement account."

Business Plan Options

Because real estate investing with an IRA is, based on IRA rules, a passive investment process, many investors need to properly plan the outcome of their investment strategy. For those looking to get into real estate, the rewards can also be great, but the risks are also high as well. As an illiquid asset in a usually liquid account, real estate could prove a hindrance if the investor is unable to sell. A proper business plan or even a general business plan outline may help to alleviate such issues.

With an appropriate real estate business plan, it can help to alleviate the risk of the investor by appropriately helping he or she to understand all the potential issues that could be hinder or hamper any deal being done.

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