VPNServiceReview.net Releases List of VPN Services that Accept Bitcoin

April 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The decision criteria consumers use to choose a VPN service varies based upon specific needs. Over the past five years, the ability to pay for VPN services via an anonymous digital currency has become a more common prerequisite. VPNServiceReview.net recently released an in-depth list of VPN services, all of which offer Bitcoin as a possible payment option.

The first few months of 2013 has already given rise to various reports related to VPN services not respecting the privacy of their users. This commonly includes requiring authorized payment methods and logging user activities. Accepting an anonymous digital currency, such as Bitcoin, minimizes the risk of users being individually identified and online activities being tracked.

Bitcoin has seen significant growth in popularity over the past five years. It is an anonymous digital currency which does not require users to identify themselves or use an authorized payment method to make purchases with it. Unfortunately, there are still some inherent barriers which have prevented many online merchants from offering it on a consistent basis.

In a recent article, Randy Howard of VPNServiceReview.net noted, "The biggest hurdle consumers, who interested in using Bitcoin to purchase VPN services, face is identifying all of the possible options and accurately comparing them. To make things easier, we have developed a comprehensive list of VPN providers who readily accept Bitcoin as a payment option."

Howard stated that the ability to accept Bitcoin payments is primarily a decision criteria used by consumers who take advantage for VPN services primarily for privacy purposes. The reason Bitcoin payments are preferred by consumers who emphasize privacy are because they create another layer of anonymity, along with the inherent protection using a VPN service provides.

Industry experts predict Bitcoin will continue to be a popular payment option and an increasing number of online merchants will begin accepting it in the coming years for a variety of reasons. Until then, quickly identifying merchants who accept anonymous currency will be a difficult process which is why more industry leaders are creating comprehensive lists similar to the one recently released at VPNServiceReview.net