HydroPeptide's New Soothing Repair Redness Relief Serum Reduces Redness and Discomfort While Restoring Youthfulness

April 02, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Issaquah, WA April 2, 2013 HydroPeptide, the specialty peptide cosmeceutical line trusted by the finest spas and dermatological practices, has created the Soothing Repair Redness Relief Serum to calm and hydrate easily irritated complexions while helping to correct skin redness and signs of aging in one gentle product. Soothing Serum features new redness relief and heat-reducing peptides, an inflammation-fighting botanical stem cell and blueberry extract for collagen support.

"We are revolutionizing sensitive skin care with a product designed to alleviate redness and help skin defy age," said April Zangl, HydroPeptide's CEO and co-formulator. "In formulating our new Soothing Repair Redness Relief Serum, we are taking HydroPeptide's reputation for anti-aging skin care products that are as gentle as they are powerful a step further. By addressing redness, discomfort, dryness and anti-aging concerns, our new serum is also ideal for expediting recovery after resurfacing procedures."

How is the Soothing Repair Redness Relief Serum unlike other products for sensitive skin?

The complexion-correcting peptide, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-33, is just one of the designer peptides featured in this new serum. Soothing Serum contains Acetyl Tetrapeptide-33 at its clinical efficacy level of 2%. In an efficacy study conducted with 45 sensitive-skinned participants applying the Soothing Serum twice daily, 96% of participants noticed a more even-toned complexion within two weeks and 93% reported a reduction in the appearance of skin redness after four weeks. Of the 45 participants, 3 were diagnosed with mild Rosacea. Results are based on analyses generated from photos taken on a Janus Complexion Analysis machine.

HydroPeptide's Soothing Repair Redness Relief Serum is 1.0 ounces and retails for $130. HydroPeptide is found in the world's most prestigious spas and dermatological clinics and online at HydroPeptide.com.

About HydroPeptide (www.hydropeptide.com)
HydroPeptide creates the most innovative anti-aging skin care solutions. HydroPeptide's VLR technology allows for a variety of specific, active levels of peptides to be delivered repeatedly to their targeted areas for maximum results. While peptides are the driving force, stem cells and active botanicals work harmoniously to nourish and rejuvenate skin without requiring recovery time or resulting in irritation. Founded in 2004, HydroPeptide is recognized as the leading peptide-based anti-aging cosmeceutical line and is the winner of over 30 coveted beauty awards to date. HydroPeptide is Scientific Beauty Made Simple.

If you would like to speak with April Zangl or to request HydroPeptide product samples and images, please contact Elise Hamamoto at Eliseh@hydropeptide.com or (425) 458-4107