Bean Bags R Us launches newly designed Web 3.0 and responsive web site

April 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Bean Bags R Us has just launched their new web site, which is fully responsive for all mobile devices and utilizes cutting edge Semantic technologies for fast and secure shopping. The Bean Bag Company Pty. Ltd. announced today the launch of a totally redesigned web site for its Bean Bags R Us business, after months of painstaking efforts to make it one of the most cutting edge sites on the Internet.

Debra DeBoer, CEO of Bean Bag R Us, said that the company had gone to great lengths to ensure the new site represented the ultimate in usability, accessibility and security, regardless of whether a customer visits the site from a desktop, tablet or smart-phone.

"Originally, we intended to simply give the site a facelift, while making it easier to navigate and purchase without security concerns," said Miss DeBoer. "But our developer showed us how we could take it to another level, achieving more than we knew was possible for both the company and our customers."

When asked what sort of benefits the new design offers, Miss DeBoer explained that one benefit is that the company's new web presence incorporates the latest in Semantic technology, conveying a great deal of information to search engines.

"The new web site sends a lot more information to the search engines, using XHTML+RDFa technology. For instance, this supplies the search engines with a great many details on our products, pricing and customer ratings."

"This helps the search engines show shoppers web sites that better match what they're looking for, and provide them with more information about a site before they even visit. This makes their shopping experience easier and much faster."

"Another major change is that now, regardless of whether our customers are visiting from their desktop computer, a tablet or their smart-phone, they're shown a version of the site that is specifically designed for their device - no more endless scrolling to view images or read a page. Navigation and search are also highly intuitive and lightning quick."

Miss DeBoer went on to explain that the site utilizes RDFaCart, a highly customized shopping cart with enhanced security and functionality, designed to make users' purchases as fast and intuitive as is possible today.

She also stressed that accessibility was a major concern during the design process, to ensure that the site would be easily used by any visitor, despite any personal or technological handicaps or limitations.

If you'd like to view the Bean Bags R Us products and innovative web site design, you can visit their site at