Memories On Canvas Prints: A Story Of Self Printing

April 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
CanvasWorld has made it easy to bring treasured photos to life by offering an affordable and impressive way to display them. You may have already guessed the format by the name of the company, but printing photos on canvas isn't really a new concept all by itself. However, the ability for consumers to create canvas prints on a budget without cutting corners on quality is definitely a fresh concept. And by "quality", we mean museum quality.

The Polaroid camera revolutionized the way people could enjoy photography, for themselves. For the first time ever, people could have what seemed to be instant gratification coming straight out of their camera. However, this enjoyment was limited to a 3.5" x 4.25" print. For important events and portraits, people still resorted to professional photo printing solutions to capture and preserve treasured memories.

When digital cameras hit the scene in the early 2000s, self printing became as exciting as the first Polaroid cameras, but people were still limited by what they could produce for themselves on their home inkjet printers and photopaper. This means that professional quality wall hangings were still best produced by professionals.

Enter Now, for the first time ever, consumers have access to upload, edit, arrange, preview, and send their own photographs to print straight from their home. Within a short period of time anybody can have a museum quality canvas print to hang on the wall that will last for generations. No more cheap grocery store picture frames encasing yellowing photopaper. No more settling for having your precious photos confined to a photo album or a screen saver. CanvasWorld brings your best family moments to life again.


CanvasWorld makes it easy to create custom canvas prints from treasured digital photos. With superior canvas quality and choices, discount pricing, lightning-fast delivery, and the industry's best customer care, is the easiest, most affordable and fastest full-service manufacturer of museum-quality canvas wall art. Straight from your computer screen to a cherished spot at home or in the office, CanvasWorld gives you extraordinary canvas masterpieces in just days! Visit